lördag 23 februari 2013

Recap of yesterday

Good morning!

Having my morning coffee as usual, this time I went to Starbucks and brought the coffee home since we're soon gonna go out for birthday brunch with Martis parents.

I had such a good time yesterday! It's so nice to hang out with fellow Swedes, we have a certain type of humor that is hard to find anywhere else. It was also fun to see my dear friend Tuti again, she is so funny and had a lot of gossip to share, I laughed so hard at her stories. We also realized we have a lot more in common than we thought, regarding men and dating she is just like I was a couple of years ago .We started out with a pre party at home, Niclas and Marti were too tired to go clubbing with us. We got in the cab and headed towards Jet where I thought my friend Jairo would be (another crazy and funny Argentinian I know), he works as a Pr for some of the best clubs here in Ba. We got there and I went up to the bouncer and confidently said "lista Jairo", he started laughing, shook his head and just let us in. After looking for Jairo for quite a bit I realized the place he goes to and have a list on Fridays is Liv, soo typical of me! Well well, at least we got in for free and had a really good time.I hope I get to see him tonight at least.

Here's some pictures from yesterday

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