torsdag 21 februari 2013

Day 6 and thoughts

Good morning!

Today I went a little wild and actually went to another coffee place. It's called Marks deli and is located in the Palermo fashion district. If there's a place to go in Ba for some eye candy (hehe) it's this place, me and the girls used to go here a LOT as singles. After two days of rain the sun is finally shining, I slept 9 hours and feel completely rested. I think this little trip did me really well, I don't know why but lately in Rio I was often anxious and moody and didn't sleep well. I've been saying for a while how nice it would be to stay at a place for long and create a home and have routines, that lasted 2 months this time and then I felt I had to take off again. Of course it was mostly because of poker and wanting to spend time with Niclas before he returns to Sweden but now I realize that wasn't the only reason. When things get to predictable or too little happens I have to mix things up, small trips like this are perfect. Traveling and having constant variation is how I've lived for the past 4 years so it isn't that hard to understand. I have yet to find a place I feel like staying in for a long time (i.e move to) without feeling like taking off after a while, I wonder if its really the places that are wrong and have to change or if its me and my mindset.. It was easier before I had a boyfriend, I could just take of whenever I wanted and had only myself to think about, now I have another person to take into consideration when making these decisions. Luckily he's very supportive and is a traveller himself, we're perfect together. Although its hard to be away from each other and isn't something you feel like I think some distance now and then in a relationship is important. Now I miss him a lot and its gonna be soo nice to see him in 5 days!

Wow now I've been rambling a lot. All these cafe visits and time on my own has given me time to really think and reflect, just felt like writing it down. Now I'm gonna dig into my salmon salad and enjoy this cup of coffee.

Have a great day, don't forget to be happy and make the most of it!

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