onsdag 20 februari 2013

Day 5

Keeping up the hard work over here in Ba, yesterday I tried to play but my Holdem manager crashed and the computer was slower than ever. I guess I'll just keep watching Niclas play until I go back to Rio. Although its fun studying and learning this much, it's gonna be nice to get a break on Friday, I'll see my old friends here in Ba and two Swedish girls are going out with us as well. And then we have Niclas birthday on Saturday, he deserves a nice celebration!

Right now I'm chilling at Starbucks, been looking at funny pics and videos and laughing out loud. My favorite is this cat.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hi pau!

    Give me villain's range here: http://weaktight.com/5536830

    It's a 30+r FT, 3rd hand maybe, we had a lot of hands and action against each other before FT.
    What ur mentor says?
    Turn bet-size made me confused..


    1. hey! ill check it out. im gonna need some more info though, is he a good/solid player, do you have his stats? that would help me a lot in putting him on a range.

  2. Not much info about him, maybe 2nd time I see him. 33/28/15 (vpip,pfr,3bet), pretty standard stats so deep in the tournament. So, I think he's reg, you can see him in sharkscope. I think he knows ICM hates me there.