tisdag 19 februari 2013

Day 4

Started the morning with a poker video and then headed to Starbucks. Here I just had a coffee with my pal Raul and now I'm gonna create a new play/study schedule. I'm learning so much my brain is in poker-mode 24/7, I dream about poker and every time I'm half asleep I have the weirdest thoughts like "if I wear this dress for value what is my bluffing range?" "I'll go for thin value with the eggs" its funny how it makes perfect sense to me at that moment haha.

Today I'm gonna watch Niclas half of the day and then play 2-3 tables myself to try out some new plays and practice what I've learned. Buenos Aires is a bit chilly today, it's been raining all night. I can finally wear my (ok bf's) big jumper, god I've missed being a little cold and get to warm up with tea/coffee and warm clothes!

Have a wonderful and productive Tuesday people!

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