tisdag 26 februari 2013

Chau Ba

So it's my last day in Buenos aires, can't wait to see bf tonight! On saturday we had a birthday brunch for niclas and on Sunday we went to Martis parents house and cooked a Swedish dinner for them. They are so lovely! The starter was toast skagen and the main corse was "kottfarsjarpar" with cream sauce, potatoes and lingonberrie jam. I had salmon instead of toast and sweet potato instead of regular potato. The dinner was delicious and they loved it! I've been wanting to cook this typical Swedish dish for bf but he doesn't like creamy sauces and cooked potatoes, which are basically staples in the Swedish kitchen haha. For us it's weird not to have any kind of sauce to meaty dishes.

Yesterday I met up with the Swedish girls for a coffee, we talked for hours until it was time to start my last poker day. I really get along well with those girls, we have the same humor and they are really nice. It just so happens that they are going to New York two days after me and I think I might have convinced them to move to Rio. But before that there will be a lot more coffees to be had in New York.

Now I'm sitting at Starbucks and trying to soak up the last of Ba. Next time I write will be in Rio!

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