onsdag 27 februari 2013

We just had a workout session and then a huge breakfast on top of that. I almost eat the same amount of food as my bf does so I'm expecting some weight gaining in the next following weeks.Yesterday I focused on 1 tournament a time and it increased my winrate. Will be the same slow grinding today,focus is the key folks.Sit back in your chair,take a deep breath,relax,drink a coffee and smile.On friday I will meet my sweet sister and go through some hand history and convince her to play a live event on saturday.For now I will relax and drink that cup of coffee and focus on the games.

tisdag 26 februari 2013

How cool is this?I wish I had more friends closer around me that wanted to play live poker.Bild: Мечтаете ли си за такава покер маса вкъщи:
Im getting a bit jealous reading the posts of Pauline,BA used to be our home for the latest years and I do miss it every now and then. But nevemind,Rio is really a wonderful place to live in. I'm spending the days eating food,working out and playing poker. The poker goes up and down and I'm going to take it more easy today with just 1 table too regain my focus.The late evenings I spent curled up with my boyfriend watching a movie or walking along the beach board getting fresh sea breeze. The side effect of this easy living caused me too be more than lazy,tonight we slept 12?!!hours.Also the effects of this huge heat wave in Rio is causing us to slow down. Sleeping in a room with more than 25 degrees with aircon on!and still being hot is making us really tired,rain please come!My body is a bit confused after 2 weeks of regular training,since I always tend to stop after 10 days....but I can proudly say I've been a good girl:)My bf posted this picture 5 days ago just before an early powerwalk. He thought it was a nice pic,I totally reject but it's a bit funny...I'm complaining but look happy ready to do a powerwalk 9am!phew.

Chau Ba

So it's my last day in Buenos aires, can't wait to see bf tonight! On saturday we had a birthday brunch for niclas and on Sunday we went to Martis parents house and cooked a Swedish dinner for them. They are so lovely! The starter was toast skagen and the main corse was "kottfarsjarpar" with cream sauce, potatoes and lingonberrie jam. I had salmon instead of toast and sweet potato instead of regular potato. The dinner was delicious and they loved it! I've been wanting to cook this typical Swedish dish for bf but he doesn't like creamy sauces and cooked potatoes, which are basically staples in the Swedish kitchen haha. For us it's weird not to have any kind of sauce to meaty dishes.

Yesterday I met up with the Swedish girls for a coffee, we talked for hours until it was time to start my last poker day. I really get along well with those girls, we have the same humor and they are really nice. It just so happens that they are going to New York two days after me and I think I might have convinced them to move to Rio. But before that there will be a lot more coffees to be had in New York.

Now I'm sitting at Starbucks and trying to soak up the last of Ba. Next time I write will be in Rio!

söndag 24 februari 2013

My bf is in the kitchen doing peanut butter from scratch, I'm thought it would be a good time to do a quick post while drinking my evening coffee.I'ts Saturday night and we having a cosy night home watching movies and eating good food. I'm not going to lie to you folks,I'm a staying home girl more than partying nowadays.Getting older;)saturdays are my days off from poker!So today we did nothing but tanning on the beach,drinking wine and eating.I love this easy life,who wouldn't!?On monday my bf have a meeting with an agency in Rio.Hopefully it will go well and he also can start working.Sometimes it's good too have some normal balance too:) Genuinely that's all I ever wanted in life,some balance but then with some rough edges...nothing should ever be predictable.The beauty of life,the thin lines between normality and abstractness.

lördag 23 februari 2013

Recap of yesterday

Good morning!

Having my morning coffee as usual, this time I went to Starbucks and brought the coffee home since we're soon gonna go out for birthday brunch with Martis parents.

I had such a good time yesterday! It's so nice to hang out with fellow Swedes, we have a certain type of humor that is hard to find anywhere else. It was also fun to see my dear friend Tuti again, she is so funny and had a lot of gossip to share, I laughed so hard at her stories. We also realized we have a lot more in common than we thought, regarding men and dating she is just like I was a couple of years ago .We started out with a pre party at home, Niclas and Marti were too tired to go clubbing with us. We got in the cab and headed towards Jet where I thought my friend Jairo would be (another crazy and funny Argentinian I know), he works as a Pr for some of the best clubs here in Ba. We got there and I went up to the bouncer and confidently said "lista Jairo", he started laughing, shook his head and just let us in. After looking for Jairo for quite a bit I realized the place he goes to and have a list on Fridays is Liv, soo typical of me! Well well, at least we got in for free and had a really good time.I hope I get to see him tonight at least.

Here's some pictures from yesterday

fredag 22 februari 2013

Day 7

Had another nice and sunny morning+afternoon here in Ba. I got up pretty early and went to get my hair done, a lady which I'd guess was named Berta did my hair. She had no sense of compassion,with a vicious smile she pulled, picked and abused my hair and scalp, I think she actually enjoyed seeing some tears streaming down my face.

After the torture I went to Marks again, their espresso beats Starbucks by far. After having my dose of caffeine I went to a park to chill a little, and so I did, far beyond what I'd planned. I fell asleep under the sun and didn't wake up until two hours later. As a result I got about 100 new freckles and a "reddish" tone, oh how very lovely..

Tonight the Swedish girls, Tuti and some of Martis friends are coming over. There will be some serious wine drinking, music listening and girl talking going on!

Now I'm gonna drink some tea and study a little. In an hour we are going to one of my favorite restaurants here, an Arab place called "Sarkis". I absolutely love Arab food!


they say "you are what you eat", that's funny. i don't remember eating a sexy beast this morning.

torsdag 21 februari 2013

Day 6 and thoughts

Good morning!

Today I went a little wild and actually went to another coffee place. It's called Marks deli and is located in the Palermo fashion district. If there's a place to go in Ba for some eye candy (hehe) it's this place, me and the girls used to go here a LOT as singles. After two days of rain the sun is finally shining, I slept 9 hours and feel completely rested. I think this little trip did me really well, I don't know why but lately in Rio I was often anxious and moody and didn't sleep well. I've been saying for a while how nice it would be to stay at a place for long and create a home and have routines, that lasted 2 months this time and then I felt I had to take off again. Of course it was mostly because of poker and wanting to spend time with Niclas before he returns to Sweden but now I realize that wasn't the only reason. When things get to predictable or too little happens I have to mix things up, small trips like this are perfect. Traveling and having constant variation is how I've lived for the past 4 years so it isn't that hard to understand. I have yet to find a place I feel like staying in for a long time (i.e move to) without feeling like taking off after a while, I wonder if its really the places that are wrong and have to change or if its me and my mindset.. It was easier before I had a boyfriend, I could just take of whenever I wanted and had only myself to think about, now I have another person to take into consideration when making these decisions. Luckily he's very supportive and is a traveller himself, we're perfect together. Although its hard to be away from each other and isn't something you feel like I think some distance now and then in a relationship is important. Now I miss him a lot and its gonna be soo nice to see him in 5 days!

Wow now I've been rambling a lot. All these cafe visits and time on my own has given me time to really think and reflect, just felt like writing it down. Now I'm gonna dig into my salmon salad and enjoy this cup of coffee.

Have a great day, don't forget to be happy and make the most of it!

onsdag 20 februari 2013

Day 5

Keeping up the hard work over here in Ba, yesterday I tried to play but my Holdem manager crashed and the computer was slower than ever. I guess I'll just keep watching Niclas play until I go back to Rio. Although its fun studying and learning this much, it's gonna be nice to get a break on Friday, I'll see my old friends here in Ba and two Swedish girls are going out with us as well. And then we have Niclas birthday on Saturday, he deserves a nice celebration!

Right now I'm chilling at Starbucks, been looking at funny pics and videos and laughing out loud. My favorite is this cat.

Been busy playing poker the latest days...my bf been a dream,cooking,giving massages and taking care of me. Couldn't wish for anything more perfect in any way.Tomorrow I will get up early and do my daily exercise,I haven't failed yet,even though it's a struggle getting up each morning...beach 2013 here I come;)

tisdag 19 februari 2013

Day 4

Started the morning with a poker video and then headed to Starbucks. Here I just had a coffee with my pal Raul and now I'm gonna create a new play/study schedule. I'm learning so much my brain is in poker-mode 24/7, I dream about poker and every time I'm half asleep I have the weirdest thoughts like "if I wear this dress for value what is my bluffing range?" "I'll go for thin value with the eggs" its funny how it makes perfect sense to me at that moment haha.

Today I'm gonna watch Niclas half of the day and then play 2-3 tables myself to try out some new plays and practice what I've learned. Buenos Aires is a bit chilly today, it's been raining all night. I can finally wear my (ok bf's) big jumper, god I've missed being a little cold and get to warm up with tea/coffee and warm clothes!

Have a wonderful and productive Tuesday people!

måndag 18 februari 2013

Day 3

Good morning! I'm chilling at Starbucks as usual, not so much for their coffee but for the best people watching spot in Ba. Yesterday I sat beside Niclas and took notes again, my leaks get more and more obvious the more I watch him play. Cant wait to start incorporating all this knew knowledge to my game! Excuse my morning look but waking up at 09 everyday is pretty tough, but I want to make as much of these days a possible so I'll just suck it up and accept looking like a zombie :) Soon gonna head to a park nearby and eat some brekky (brie cheese, ham and strawberries), could use some d vitamin and a tan wouldn't do me wrong right now. Hard to believe I've been living in Rio these past months isn't it haha.


söndag 17 februari 2013

there's a heatwave in Rio right now,40 degrees and no winds..phew.We are surviving but I do miss some rain and thunder.Today we walked to a local market and bought fruit and vegetables direct from the farmers.Eco and near produced is always a +!Tonight I'm playing poker and my bf is cocking dinner for me:)

Day 2

Yesterday went well, I watched Niclas play for 10 hours and took a ton of notes. Today we are gonna do the same, I'm also gonna invest in him and get 10% of his earnings the next 9 days. This morning I got up and did a Tabata workout and then went to Natural Deli for an organic breakfast. Now I'm chilling at Starbucks until its time for poker. Just got a wonderful email from bf, we're heading to New York in less than a month! It will be soo nice :)

lördag 16 februari 2013

Buenos Aires

I'm very impulsive, 3 days ago I really felt like visiting Niclas in Buenos Aires and study poker intensely, suck in all the knowledge I can and ask all the questions I have to clear up all aspects of uncertainty about different poker decisions. The next day I bought a ticket and here I am, in Buenos Aires about to start the first day of studying! Me and my afro went to Alto Palermo Starbucks, did some people watching and soaked in all the familiar surroundings. It hit me today that I've actually missed this place. Ok time for poker!

It seemed that the world including the internet was going to end yesterday.The tv news talked about a huge meteoir crushing down in Russia,another almost collide with the earth while in south africa a guy killed his girlfriend on valentines day.An inordinate amount of coincidence,everything happening while our internet connection completely went gone and all I wanted to do was playing poker.I'ts incredible how dependent we are on internet and how empty my life would be without it.This multimillion business,low enough for everyone tu use but big enough to turn enormous profit. This huge world that has answers and pictures of everything,internet is fascinating. There is an unlimited source of knowledge and it's out there for everyone too see. But we easily forget our own world and how much we have too see that we just don't ever get the time to. All these amazing countries and this unbelievable history just infront of our eyes,we can even touch it.People have another kind of wisdom nowadays compared to years before. Now you can read your way to everything,almost everyone now knows how the pyramids in Egypt look like,but have they ever been there?Have they ever smell the air on the oldest building created by man or ever touch the stones that been touch by thousand others for thousands of years?Are you really satisfied with a picture or a text information on the web?I'm not,I want to travel the world,I want to see everything and not just read about it on a webpage created by someone to make money.Experience is wisdom.Curiosity is a good start.
Egypt 2005.

valentines day

We celebrated valentines day with our Italian friend that is in Rio for vacation.He stays in the most amazing penthouse you can ever imagine,with a view over all of copacabana. We had such a good day and then followed up by a night with our boyfriends:)life is good:)

torsdag 14 februari 2013

I used to write in this blog a lot,during bad days and good days,as an reminder for the future me. It was never supposed to be written for anyone else but I'm glad that people like what I write,though it can be a bit confusing sometimes. Despite my best efforts things been a bigger struggle than usual lately .. my life is changing in so many ways now that it would be a completely waste not to write even though I'm crazy tired all the time. Things are getting better each day and at this moment I'm so much happier than I been in a long time.Some times you forget how beautiful your life really is and you see the bad things to easy.I'm now in a stage in my life where I merrily imagining my future and the people involving in it.As with everything in life,if you are willing to work for something it most certainly can be yours.Sometimes it's just hard to see all the hard work you put down and it feels like nothing is changing,when in fact everything is different. It's all how you look at things and how you appreciate the present.I don't know if you understand any of the things I write but for some reason I just need to write something without any bigger thought tonight.

Here is another thing without a bigger thought,this picture of me and N.I like it even though I look like I just did something bad and N is posing his pants off:)but anyway,it makes me happy.

onsdag 13 februari 2013

woke up 9.30 did a 30 minutes powerwalk,followed by a 1 hour workout session!Now I just started my work day and will be grinding to late night!Last night was the last day of carnaval and good was that,now we will have some more space on the beach;)btw I do have the hottest PT on earth!
a normal day during carnaval
my own PT


I'm alive and fine! Just too busy with studies, grind and workouts to blog right now. Hope you all are well :)

my favorite spot to drink my morning coffee
waking up here in this beautiful country every morning is a true gift.We live so close to the beach that you hear the waves every morning,although it's been hard to hear due to all the noise of the carneval lately.  Sleeping with a window open to let the warm light of the sun wake you up.Eating fresh tropical fruits and just take a walk along the beach before work.This is life.I'm so thankful for every minute I can experience this.I dreamed of this place for years and now I'm finally living it.What are we without our dreams?mThe guy who owns the apartment that we are renting a room from is a movie director from Holland. He speaks several languishes and is very wise and easy going. He promised to help N in his search for work and knows many people in the business. I'm hoping that he will find work here,I really want to stay in rio:)

tisdag 12 februari 2013

morning!It's the last day of carnaval in Rio and we just woke up and had a huge breakfast.Our plans for today is to hang out at the beach and get the last hours of well deserved mini vacation. Tomorrow I promised my self to start working again.I need to give myself boundaries otherwise I can just stroll away the days laying at the beach and drinking wine...tomorrow my new training and exercising program starts,up 09am every week day and do a 1 hour workout....hehe,wish me luck,I sure need it!

söndag 10 februari 2013


If you never been to Rio during carnaval you need to go....this is the place for sure!we walked along the beachwalk today,drank capirinhas and watch the sunset...wonderful