fredag 18 januari 2013

Today Niclas and Marti went back to Buenos Aires,me and Pauline spent the day walking by the beach and drinking coconut water.Later on we sat up playing some poker drinking tea.Right now it's so quiet here,after being 5 people to share a small flat.I enjoy the silence but I can't be fully relaxed since I have too much things hanging on my shoulders.The searching for an apartment is so difficult,millions of mails sent and very few answers.By rights it should be difficult since Rio is one of the best places to be in at the moment!but my wantings for my own place are bigger than the needs of other people,it can't be impossible.I'm trying quite hard not to let this interact with my poker focus,but as we all know it's hard to disconnect.Anyway the weekend is coming and so are more opportunities and a million other good things.We don't have any plans what so ever for the coming days but I'm sure it will be spleendid. Here are 2 pics of us from earlier today,drinking coconut water in Ipanema.

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