måndag 21 januari 2013

The weather in Rio is crazy right now,one minute rain next minute sun!Today we been out eating acai and had a quick stop at starbucks. Yesterday we grinded and today we will be grinding,I'm making an effort to work as hard as possible before my bf arrives in 2 weeks.we have some options where to stay for February and that makes me more relieved and positive.Always play poker with a good mindset and positive energy people!speaking of positive energy,the Brazilians are really nice and positive people.you just need to step outside the door and you are greeted with smiles. sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming like the other day when me and Pauline where walking in Ipanema and a random guy stopped .He took my hand tried to kiss me and didn't let me leave for an awkward long time...sometimes you have to be careful with whom you smile at...but it's just sometimes:)

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