söndag 6 januari 2013

saturday evening.

So finally we managed to finish our resume of the year,a little messy but fine!Looking back at everything I get a little nostalgic,what a year!we travelled,fell in love and somehow managed to play poker in-between everything.I've landed here in Rio now and I feel good being here. I awake relaxed and I spend the days playing poker and getting sunlight.My hopes and dreams for 2013 is all about me and my game. I need to relay on poker and I need it to be incredible good this year. I can't afford to loose,in any way of speaking.As with everything you gotta play to be able to win,so yes I will play like crazy;)
We where supposed to go out clubbing today,but in the end we just want to take it easy and watch a movie...lazy girls indeed...but there will be more days.
I tried to upload photos so many times now,but it just doesn't work with me today!sorry:)

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