torsdag 24 januari 2013

Our meals a normal day

For breakfast today I ate plantains with ricotta cheese ,honey and cinnamon and a cup of acai. This kind of banana is not as sweet as normal banana and is used a lot in south america.Rio is a nice city to live in if you follow the paleo diet. You have a lot of fruits that are much cheaper here than in Sweden. Although I miss a lot of Swedish breakfast foods,including full-fat unsweetened yogurt  With the yogurt in mind me and Pauline made an attempt to make our own yogurt today,it's now growing bacteria's and within some hours hopefully it will turn out as yogurt. We will keep you posted if it works!

As a poker player,especially tournament player you will need to prepare a lot of food before you start working. We usually do everything in the morning and then heat it up quickly in the 5 minutes breaks. Here in Rio you can get a maid for less than 3-4 dollars an hour that can cook and clean for you if you don't have time. We where strongly considering to hire a girl 5 days a week 3 hours a day to do our cooking but since I will be moving soon it's no idea. But maybe in the future if I stay here I will hire one,such a good investment!But until that I will do my own cooking,this is what I made today. Homemade hamburgers with onion and potato.Now we will start our days!

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