fredag 11 januari 2013

Morning,day,afternoon folks.

as you can see I managed to put a picture to my post yesterday,yey, Femi vs blog 1-0!Then comes the rest,Femi vs poker 0-1,Femi vs Apartment 0-1...well I have to get some time to beat this kind of hinders.
I went through my saved poker hands with Niclas yesterday. It's the worst feeling ever see a hand post playing and see the worst mistakes you can make hit you right in the face.So if someone are interested in the worst way to play AA just give me a nod and I will post it,just to punch myself a little bit more. Honestly it takes a lot of balls to face that kind of profound stupidity. So I also need to give myself some credit,for offering to put it out here.

Today we will have a day OFF poker,Niclas + girlfriend went to have a drink at the beach.Pauline just woke up and will now join me for an acai in the center  With all the spare time,I will not have to face some poker related stuff for at least today. Tonight we are going to a club in Lapa,I need some distractions from everything in my head.

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