fredag 4 januari 2013

In March Pauline went on a little love trip to New York and the Caribbean while I took over Ians apartment in Rio.I switched the poker mood on and the poker went better than ever.The days flew by really fast this month

In April I went back to Europe,more specific Holland.I was supposed to stay some days that turned into a month.Me and Niels realized how we missed being together and how much we like eachother,we had an amazing month together in Holland. I experienced queensday that is a huge holiday in Holland and we went to one of the biggest spas I ever been too. Between all this I managed to play some poker too:)

In May we where both back in Sweden. We spent the days grinding and inhaling Swedish air, finally!!The days went on pretty fast,walking by the sea,eating swedish food and meeting friends and family.The poker was in focus ofcourse.

June we spent with our brother grinding in his apartment. We celubrated my birthday at our fathers restaurant and we danced in midsummer. Niels asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend and the answer was pretty obvious;) Overall the poker wasen't going too great due to our sites being shut down 

Half of July we spent together in Malmö playing poker,then Pauline had enough and headed to Rio and I stayed . July was another poker month and all I really did was playing poker and missing my boyfriend.

Finally the month we both been anticipating came and so did the vacation time. Our boyfriends came to visit us in Sweden and then we split up heading to different parts of Greece. 3 full weeks of vacation and quality time,one of the best times for sure.

We headed to Barcelona where we meet up with our brother to play emop. Niclas came nr 17 if I'm not wrong and we had a great time us siblings together.We went back to Sweden and spent the rest of the month playing poker together.

we spent the first 2 weeks of october in Malmö taking care of our mums 2 adorable cats while she was on vacation. We played poker and Pauline went on another small vacation with her boyfriend to Paris and a quick stop in Copenhagen. The last 2 weeks we both headed to our boyfriends in Brazil and Holland. I had 2 wonderful weeks with my boyfriend playing poker and enjoying Holland.

November was a pretty bad month for me, the poker was not going good and I wasen't feeling good either. I spent 2 weeks at my mothers place and my boyfriend came and visit me. We had a nice time together until he went back and I headed to my brother. The last 2 weeks of november I spent grinding with my brother and learning new things in poker.Pauline spent all of november in Rio with her boyfriend grinding, celebrating her birthday and having a nice time.

When december came things where looking brighter,Pauline came to join me and Niclas and Christmas was clooser. We spent the days grinding and drinking coffee planning our future. We spent Christmas with both sides of the family and my boyfriend came to stay a couple of days. Christmas was wonderful and it was wonderful being sourrounded by people you love. After Christmas we headed to brazil where we had some one off eating acai, drinking coconut water and finally celebrating New Years :)

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