söndag 27 januari 2013

I just finished a skype date with my man,1 week left then he will be here in Rio and I can't even describe how wonderful that will be.I am fine on my own,or in the company with Pauline and Ian,but it's time for me to spend time with just him,I miss that.I love going out,being social meeting interesting people but too know there is someone special waiting at home for you is the best part of it.No trying to impress,no cold talks just being yourself.Speaking of going out and being social that's just what we did yesterday.We had a meeting with the owner of a beautiful hotel  in the evening. As you all know we want to eventually start our own business (when we get fed up with poker) and by coincidence we run into this guy the other day. We had a chat about our plans and ideas and he liked it.We have good feelings about this so it will be interesting how it will turn out,right now we are in the planning moment,but we will keep you updated!but there are some poker related stuff involved:)ofcourse;)from one thing to another,now there will be more poker,as my first tourney just popped up.
the view from the hotel!
my man getting ready in his speedos for RIO;)

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