fredag 25 januari 2013

did not sleep well at all last night,woke up with ache and pain but am slowly getting better. The hypochondriac in me told me that I was suffering from some bad rare disease but as the day went on I felt better.
Yesterday started out with a good poker flow,as the flow went on with good beats I smiled at Pauline and told her that today was a good day.Then,five minutes later my internet stopped working,Paulines internet stopped working,a matter of fact the whole internet company was out.We gasped at eachother, panicking,switching on and off the modem.Nothing!!sitting there helpless,having registered for many tournaments,being in many tournaments I wanted to cry.Suddenly Paulines poker client popped up and she could play poker without any internet connection.How weird is that?!me on the other hand was left out,until an hour later when I finally managed to enter my client just to see that I got kicked out from ever f-cking tourney. "hey new plan,we gonna get drunk" so with that said we shared a bottle of wine and danced to 90's music.I did forgot to sign off from one tourney so we had to stay playing for an extra hour,and ofcourse I managed to hit the finaltable (sigh) hehe...cashing in a 3rd place and get even out for the day...drunk and tipsy we hit a club at the lake side and danced to nirvana and red hot chili peppers.Went to sleep early this morning...and the rest u know:)tonite I think Ian (bf of Pauline)had us invited for a nice party in a museum.,no poker.

I found this pic  from yesterday in the club,haha:D

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