fredag 4 januari 2013


Started the morning with going to a furniture store with bf.
He has a beautiful apartment that has a lot of potential but I 'm not a big fan of the interior and the place feels like a bachelors den. It hasn't been relevant before since I only came for small periods and didn't "live" here, now though it looks like i'll be staying for a while so some changes have to be made. He has agreed to changes as long as we go slow and don't change too much at once.

On my list of things to get/fix: a new bookshelf for the bedroom, a big cream-white bedspread, big pillows to pile on the bed, big white curtains for the living room, fix my working space up and get a nice chair, have colorful candles in every room and finally wooden blinds. There's more, like changing the plastic chairs and getting a new cover for the green sofa but that can wait ;)

I think the surroundings do a lot for you well-being and I know work better if I'm completely comfortable and at ease with where I live. Unfortunately we didn't find anything today, the things I wanted were out of stock because of Christmas..

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