onsdag 30 januari 2013

trying to have a calm and focused grinding day seems impossible today. there's some major drilling going on in our building, people are loud, car drivers totally abuse the horn, I have a headache, my hm isn't working, my mouse just stopped working as well, we both have neck pain and the Internet is on and off. well well, we have to work so all we can to is suck it up and focus as much as possible!

måndag 28 januari 2013

Problems with hm

I'm having major issues with hm2, at least when configuring with microgaming. The stats never pop up automatically (it's so annoying to attach them manually to each table) and more often than not they are not attaching to the right table. I've written to Holdem manager but none of the answers have been helpful. Is anyone else having these issues or know what to do about them? God I miss being able to only focus on my play instead of being disturbed by software issues!


söndag 27 januari 2013

I just finished a skype date with my man,1 week left then he will be here in Rio and I can't even describe how wonderful that will be.I am fine on my own,or in the company with Pauline and Ian,but it's time for me to spend time with just him,I miss that.I love going out,being social meeting interesting people but too know there is someone special waiting at home for you is the best part of it.No trying to impress,no cold talks just being yourself.Speaking of going out and being social that's just what we did yesterday.We had a meeting with the owner of a beautiful hotel  in the evening. As you all know we want to eventually start our own business (when we get fed up with poker) and by coincidence we run into this guy the other day. We had a chat about our plans and ideas and he liked it.We have good feelings about this so it will be interesting how it will turn out,right now we are in the planning moment,but we will keep you updated!but there are some poker related stuff involved:)ofcourse;)from one thing to another,now there will be more poker,as my first tourney just popped up.
the view from the hotel!
my man getting ready in his speedos for RIO;)

lördag 26 januari 2013


Last year around this time me and Pauline went to play the biggest poker tournament in southamerica,LAPT. This is their schedule for 2013,oh how much I want to go!The only place I haven't been in yet is Panama!Uruguay is by far my favorite though,wonderful place!

LAPT Chile - Viña del Mar
March 13-17

LAPT Brasil - São Paulo
April 25-30

LAPT Colombia - Medellín
Junio 5-9

LAPT Perú - Lima
July 31 - Agosto 4

LAPT Panamá - Ciudad de Panamá
September 18-22

LAPT Uruguay - Gran Final
November 13-17

celebrating New years 2010 in Uruguay with our friends.

fredag 25 januari 2013

did not sleep well at all last night,woke up with ache and pain but am slowly getting better. The hypochondriac in me told me that I was suffering from some bad rare disease but as the day went on I felt better.
Yesterday started out with a good poker flow,as the flow went on with good beats I smiled at Pauline and told her that today was a good day.Then,five minutes later my internet stopped working,Paulines internet stopped working,a matter of fact the whole internet company was out.We gasped at eachother, panicking,switching on and off the modem.Nothing!!sitting there helpless,having registered for many tournaments,being in many tournaments I wanted to cry.Suddenly Paulines poker client popped up and she could play poker without any internet connection.How weird is that?!me on the other hand was left out,until an hour later when I finally managed to enter my client just to see that I got kicked out from ever f-cking tourney. "hey new plan,we gonna get drunk" so with that said we shared a bottle of wine and danced to 90's music.I did forgot to sign off from one tourney so we had to stay playing for an extra hour,and ofcourse I managed to hit the finaltable (sigh) hehe...cashing in a 3rd place and get even out for the day...drunk and tipsy we hit a club at the lake side and danced to nirvana and red hot chili peppers.Went to sleep early this morning...and the rest u know:)tonite I think Ian (bf of Pauline)had us invited for a nice party in a museum.,no poker.

I found this pic  from yesterday in the club,haha:D

torsdag 24 januari 2013

Our meals a normal day

For breakfast today I ate plantains with ricotta cheese ,honey and cinnamon and a cup of acai. This kind of banana is not as sweet as normal banana and is used a lot in south america.Rio is a nice city to live in if you follow the paleo diet. You have a lot of fruits that are much cheaper here than in Sweden. Although I miss a lot of Swedish breakfast foods,including full-fat unsweetened yogurt  With the yogurt in mind me and Pauline made an attempt to make our own yogurt today,it's now growing bacteria's and within some hours hopefully it will turn out as yogurt. We will keep you posted if it works!

As a poker player,especially tournament player you will need to prepare a lot of food before you start working. We usually do everything in the morning and then heat it up quickly in the 5 minutes breaks. Here in Rio you can get a maid for less than 3-4 dollars an hour that can cook and clean for you if you don't have time. We where strongly considering to hire a girl 5 days a week 3 hours a day to do our cooking but since I will be moving soon it's no idea. But maybe in the future if I stay here I will hire one,such a good investment!But until that I will do my own cooking,this is what I made today. Homemade hamburgers with onion and potato.Now we will start our days!

onsdag 23 januari 2013

 Can't even remember last time I blogged. I feel like its better to write something with substance instead of just blogging for the sake of it. Anyway, im feeling well and everything is pretty much the way it should be. This morning me and Femi had breakfast in Leblon, it's a really beautiful area pretty close to where we live. Ok now it's time to work! Here's some pictures from today:

tisdag 22 januari 2013

Its one of those days,I rather spend it here in this picture. Isn't this place just amaazing?My new years resolution was to work hard and don't let things get to me too easy,I'm working hard on it and some days it's just more difficult!

måndag 21 januari 2013

The weather in Rio is crazy right now,one minute rain next minute sun!Today we been out eating acai and had a quick stop at starbucks. Yesterday we grinded and today we will be grinding,I'm making an effort to work as hard as possible before my bf arrives in 2 weeks.we have some options where to stay for February and that makes me more relieved and positive.Always play poker with a good mindset and positive energy people!speaking of positive energy,the Brazilians are really nice and positive people.you just need to step outside the door and you are greeted with smiles. sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming like the other day when me and Pauline where walking in Ipanema and a random guy stopped .He took my hand tried to kiss me and didn't let me leave for an awkward long time...sometimes you have to be careful with whom you smile at...but it's just sometimes:)

lördag 19 januari 2013

yesterday we took an early finish from the poker and went out to meet 2 Swedish girls. We ate sushi and drank wine and had a really nice time.Disregard the fact that we where supposed to go out clubbing,but ended up in bed again before 02..I'm still looking forward to the day we will actually make it to the club without any excuses.The party scene in this city is supposed to be great!anyway,I'm playing poker tonite,working another saturday!
4 months earlier
If you live well,you feel well.With enough of vitamins from the sun you will heal,many problems you may have is due to deficiency. I'm a great believer that with the right amount of sun, the right kind of food we would not even have half of the sicknesses that is in the world today.We would not need extra vitamins, anti depression and other "blockers". At least or body would work great,or mind too hopefully. Of-course there are other things paying a fact to our problems. But at least this is one step a head.I noticed on my hair that grown a lot lately due to the extra sunlight I get..:)it's always nice too see:)this is such a bad picture but at least you can get an idea.

fredag 18 januari 2013


Today Niclas and Marti went back to Buenos Aires,me and Pauline spent the day walking by the beach and drinking coconut water.Later on we sat up playing some poker drinking tea.Right now it's so quiet here,after being 5 people to share a small flat.I enjoy the silence but I can't be fully relaxed since I have too much things hanging on my shoulders.The searching for an apartment is so difficult,millions of mails sent and very few answers.By rights it should be difficult since Rio is one of the best places to be in at the moment!but my wantings for my own place are bigger than the needs of other people,it can't be impossible.I'm trying quite hard not to let this interact with my poker focus,but as we all know it's hard to disconnect.Anyway the weekend is coming and so are more opportunities and a million other good things.We don't have any plans what so ever for the coming days but I'm sure it will be spleendid. Here are 2 pics of us from earlier today,drinking coconut water in Ipanema.

onsdag 16 januari 2013

A visit on the other side

 Today we took a day of from poker to go on a guided tour in one of the favelas located close to our neighborhood Gavea. I'm sure all of you heard all the horror stories about this places but the reality wasn't even close to it. In 50 years theres been 1 gun shooting and there aren't more drugs circulating here than in other parts of Rio. We saw happy people,capioera dancing and amaazing views.I would recommend everyone to go on a tour like this!Every day that passes here in Rio I like it more and more,I just wish the gaps between poor and rich werent that big and that poor people could have a bigger chance in life.
Marti+Niclas walking down the street in the favela
the view!

AA loosing game

Hey people this is my AA hand,I will just go through it breifly. As you can see in the first picture I raise 2 early limps. I think the raise size is ok,at least one of them will call.

The second picture I get a call from one of the limpers,flop comes QJK rainbow. I bet 350 into the pot of 700,which is pretty standard,he can call with and pair or draw with ok odds.

But as you can see in the 3rd picture he min raises my bet to 750 which gives me 17% in odds. A quick calculation with pokerstove where I put him on a hand range from KQ-K7o-QJ-Q9o which gives me around 54% , except AT that I think he would play a bit different,maybe just a call?!.If I put in 1 variation of AT I still get the odds to call.

I also have too consider the turn or rivercards, but not many cards are scary cards.This is a clear call,and as you can see I immediately put him on AT,KQ;KJ,9T and fold.Bare in mind that I do have 2 AA in my hand so the odds that he would hold an A is less.

The hand would not change that much if I would call and also call his turn and river bet which I'm sure he would bet. But as you can see,this is just a bad fold,the only time it would be good is if a very thight non aggressive player did this play,or if I plan to fold to any bet in later streets.

....such a bad play.I'm still crying over this.But what the hell.you learn by your mistakes no?.

tisdag 15 januari 2013

Locked out.

Just perfect. / P

heyhey...I just finished my last tourney and now I can barely keep my eyes open.Was going to watch a poker movie,go through some hand history and post a real bad hand...well I'm sorry I will do it tomorrow,right now it's time for some well deserved sleep. Wuddent say no to a little spooning now but guess I will be hugging the pillow instead...nighty

måndag 14 januari 2013

we are about to hit town in a second,Pauline is fighting with her poker site trying to cash out, now for an hour.Why is it always easy to deposit money to the site while a big mess when wanting to cash out?!anyway Niclas + girlfriend are out on a tour seeing jesus and the stairs et.c... Im dying for an acai and some sunlight since I been locked in the apartment for days being sick. Finally the sun is shining after 4 days of rain!hope you all are fine.
g. I will post the hand later tonite;)

söndag 13 januari 2013

1,5 years ago in Spain
my my my...little did I know in this picture of our future..Now we are planning to live together in a new country without any guarantees,not even knowing the languish.this could go anywhere but as long as I'm with you at least I'm happy.

23 days until he comes and I'm counting the days.

lördag 12 januari 2013

Yesterday was supposed to be a party night with all the swedish babes here in Rio.That was the thought,but in the end I got food poisoned + a twisted back and had to go straight to bed. The pain in my back and stomach made me almost unconscious and as I drifted into sleep I felt terrible sorry for myself. The food poison was caused by a broken fridge that I was a little bit to tipsy to notice, hurrying to eat some rice before we left. After a half hour my stomach started to twist and my legs where week,my back in pain....I guess u get the point. Now I wanted to play poker,but I took too strong painkillers and the pain is unbearable so I guess I just have to accept the fact that I'm not even going to play poker:(Pauline and the rest are good, a little bit upset over the broken fridge but nothing worse.It seems like an odd day,it's raining and we feel a bit down.It's just one of those days.here is a pick from yesterday before I ate the food and in much better condition.

fredag 11 januari 2013

Evil plans

There's something I've been wanting to do for a while. I want to have a long conversation with someone on the facebook wall and then delete everything I wrote so it looks like the person is talking to themselves. I have to pick the perfect time and victim tho. Tonight we are going out, that equals wine which equals courage. Tonight it is. Another fun thing is something me and a friend used to do as kids when we were bored, we wrote a note saying "sorry about the scratch" and put it on cars, and then laughed as they were looking for it.

Morning,day,afternoon folks.

as you can see I managed to put a picture to my post yesterday,yey, Femi vs blog 1-0!Then comes the rest,Femi vs poker 0-1,Femi vs Apartment 0-1...well I have to get some time to beat this kind of hinders.
I went through my saved poker hands with Niclas yesterday. It's the worst feeling ever see a hand post playing and see the worst mistakes you can make hit you right in the face.So if someone are interested in the worst way to play AA just give me a nod and I will post it,just to punch myself a little bit more. Honestly it takes a lot of balls to face that kind of profound stupidity. So I also need to give myself some credit,for offering to put it out here.

Today we will have a day OFF poker,Niclas + girlfriend went to have a drink at the beach.Pauline just woke up and will now join me for an acai in the center  With all the spare time,I will not have to face some poker related stuff for at least today. Tonight we are going to a club in Lapa,I need some distractions from everything in my head.

torsdag 10 januari 2013

been wanting to write something for a while, but the fact that I cant post pictures kinda puts the writers urge down.I'm the worst technical ever and I do think it's time consuming spending more than 5 minutes trying to figure it out so I guess I have to blame myself a bit.But here we go a post(maybe I can succeed this time putting a picture to my text but I doubt it very much.
The days has been hectic with poker,searching for apartment and spending time with our brother + girlfriend. Right now the searching after my own place is crazy,I been writing like 100 mails and messages to people but hardly got any good answers. My boyfriend comes in the beginning of February and until that we need to have found a place. Unfortunately everything is super expensive or full booked...gaahhh.this is not easy

:(stress stress...

onsdag 9 januari 2013

Good morning!

After picking up Niclas and Marti we went home and chatted for some hours and then went to bed. This morning I took them to the supermarket and then had them try acai. My breakfast was strawberry smoothie with spirulina powder and a bullet coffee :) Me and Femi will probably work today, but before that it would be nice to have some coconut water by the beach. The sun is shining and as usual here I woke up feeling great :)

Today me and Femi went for a long walk and then had some acai at the beach. Now we are chilling until its time to pick up Niclas and his girlfriend Marti at the airport :) it's gonna be soo nice to have them here!

söndag 6 januari 2013

saturday evening.

So finally we managed to finish our resume of the year,a little messy but fine!Looking back at everything I get a little nostalgic,what a year!we travelled,fell in love and somehow managed to play poker in-between everything.I've landed here in Rio now and I feel good being here. I awake relaxed and I spend the days playing poker and getting sunlight.My hopes and dreams for 2013 is all about me and my game. I need to relay on poker and I need it to be incredible good this year. I can't afford to loose,in any way of speaking.As with everything you gotta play to be able to win,so yes I will play like crazy;)
We where supposed to go out clubbing today,but in the end we just want to take it easy and watch a movie...lazy girls indeed...but there will be more days.
I tried to upload photos so many times now,but it just doesn't work with me today!sorry:)

lördag 5 januari 2013


We spent some hours at the beach earlier, it was really nice. In the middle of our serenity a helicopter starts circling above the water right in front of where we sat, a man with a huge net jumps out of it and picks up a guy from the water, then drags him to the sand while everyone clapped their hands. The man appeared to be fine and just walked away after being put down, looking a little embarrassed. After the beach we went to a juice bar and got coconut water and acai. Now I just took a shower and its work time. Chau!

Bom dia!

Good morning! Just said goodbye to babe and now I'm gonna study some poker. Today's breakfast was an omelet fried in ecological/fairtrade red palm oil filled with salami, spinach, pumpkin and macadamia oil topped with Brazil nuts and a cup of coffee with that. Thank god we brought our Italian Mokka coffee maker, it really makes the best coffee. The sun is shining so I'm gonna see if Femi wants to go to the beach later :) Here's my morning in pictures:

fredag 4 januari 2013


Started the morning with going to a furniture store with bf.
He has a beautiful apartment that has a lot of potential but I 'm not a big fan of the interior and the place feels like a bachelors den. It hasn't been relevant before since I only came for small periods and didn't "live" here, now though it looks like i'll be staying for a while so some changes have to be made. He has agreed to changes as long as we go slow and don't change too much at once.

On my list of things to get/fix: a new bookshelf for the bedroom, a big cream-white bedspread, big pillows to pile on the bed, big white curtains for the living room, fix my working space up and get a nice chair, have colorful candles in every room and finally wooden blinds. There's more, like changing the plastic chairs and getting a new cover for the green sofa but that can wait ;)

I think the surroundings do a lot for you well-being and I know work better if I'm completely comfortable and at ease with where I live. Unfortunately we didn't find anything today, the things I wanted were out of stock because of Christmas..

In March Pauline went on a little love trip to New York and the Caribbean while I took over Ians apartment in Rio.I switched the poker mood on and the poker went better than ever.The days flew by really fast this month

In April I went back to Europe,more specific Holland.I was supposed to stay some days that turned into a month.Me and Niels realized how we missed being together and how much we like eachother,we had an amazing month together in Holland. I experienced queensday that is a huge holiday in Holland and we went to one of the biggest spas I ever been too. Between all this I managed to play some poker too:)

In May we where both back in Sweden. We spent the days grinding and inhaling Swedish air, finally!!The days went on pretty fast,walking by the sea,eating swedish food and meeting friends and family.The poker was in focus ofcourse.

June we spent with our brother grinding in his apartment. We celubrated my birthday at our fathers restaurant and we danced in midsummer. Niels asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend and the answer was pretty obvious;) Overall the poker wasen't going too great due to our sites being shut down e.tc. 

Half of July we spent together in Malmö playing poker,then Pauline had enough and headed to Rio and I stayed . July was another poker month and all I really did was playing poker and missing my boyfriend.

Finally the month we both been anticipating came and so did the vacation time. Our boyfriends came to visit us in Sweden and then we split up heading to different parts of Greece. 3 full weeks of vacation and quality time,one of the best times for sure.

We headed to Barcelona where we meet up with our brother to play emop. Niclas came nr 17 if I'm not wrong and we had a great time us siblings together.We went back to Sweden and spent the rest of the month playing poker together.

we spent the first 2 weeks of october in Malmö taking care of our mums 2 adorable cats while she was on vacation. We played poker and Pauline went on another small vacation with her boyfriend to Paris and a quick stop in Copenhagen. The last 2 weeks we both headed to our boyfriends in Brazil and Holland. I had 2 wonderful weeks with my boyfriend playing poker and enjoying Holland.

November was a pretty bad month for me, the poker was not going good and I wasen't feeling good either. I spent 2 weeks at my mothers place and my boyfriend came and visit me. We had a nice time together until he went back and I headed to my brother. The last 2 weeks of november I spent grinding with my brother and learning new things in poker.Pauline spent all of november in Rio with her boyfriend grinding, celebrating her birthday and having a nice time.

When december came things where looking brighter,Pauline came to join me and Niclas and Christmas was clooser. We spent the days grinding and drinking coffee planning our future. We spent Christmas with both sides of the family and my boyfriend came to stay a couple of days. Christmas was wonderful and it was wonderful being sourrounded by people you love. After Christmas we headed to brazil where we had some one off eating acai, drinking coconut water and finally celebrating New Years :)