måndag 17 december 2012


Well well, look at me waking up all rested at 7 am! That's a very rare thing people. I crashed as soon as I laid down in the couch yesterday. The trip went ok, of course I had to be seated next to a half Italian half Brazilian man who wouldn't stop talking/flirting. I guess that's what you get when you mix the two most persistent and flirtatious countries in one. I didn't really feel relaxed next to him so the amount of sleeping on the long flight was zero. In Germany I had 4 hours between my flights so I went to an Asian restaurant and had some refreshing ginger tea, got served by a really rude Thai transvestite and fell asleep sitting up. Coming back to a christmas decorated warm home with food prepared, two cuddly cats and mom taking care of me felt soo good. Now I'm gonna make some tea, light some candles and prepare a big swedish breakfast! Later i'lll go traveling again, heading up to my dear siblings whom I haven't met in way too long!

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