fredag 21 december 2012

today we wnet coffe drinking and Christmas shopping:)
tomorrow this gorgeous man will arrive
Today we been out all day running around in stores and drinking coffee. We are preparing for our next trip that is in less then a week!I been talking about my plans of moving, the tiredness of Sweden and I guess many of you figured out that I will be going with Pauline to Brazil! I will be staying with her and her boyfriend the first weeks and then my boyfriend will join us. Our goal is to find an apartment,a job ( my bf) and start a life there.Me and Pauline will be playing poker as always,I just figured that I would rather do it in a warm place with sun and beach than here in dark Sweden. This last week will be full of things to do and people to meet.Tomorrow my boyfriend is coming to celebrate Christmas and spend the last days with me before I'm off...

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