tisdag 4 december 2012

Today we bought Christmas stuff and ate breakfast at a cafe,me and my brother. I'ts 1 meter snow and freezing outside but the Christmas feeling is finally here!Now we are starting up the tourneys and are soon off toplay!Here are some pics from today,I ate a prosciutto salad with brie cheese and walnuts and mango salsa.

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  1. Hi both of you!

    If you'd like to talk about your things about poker, hands of poker, etc.. Do you use MSN Messenger? :) I will say my opinion about hands etc. in every situation. Hope u the same!


  2. thats a nice idea!we been talking about putting out more pokerhands and stuff on the blog both in the end we are always too lazy!Naa we dont use msn that much...if u have hands send them and we will give our opinion,we will try to post more hands further on!