söndag 9 december 2012

the girls last new years
Had a nice evening yesterday,drinking wine and practising my dance moves to some funky music.The highlight was definitely when Tie proudly gabbled about how she took heal-less shoes so she wouldn't fall and then fell straight on her little ass in the cold snow:)
The desire to play poker was gone and instead I had a huge desire to talk to my boyfriend that is 3 countries away.(always the same after a couple of wine glasses,how weird is that)Luckily I don't need an alco-lock on my phone,cause it's always out of battery. We went dancing to the typical old high school music and as we where getting started the place closed and the fire alarm went off.At that point you realize that you live in a small town and how nice it would have been to live somewhere that has more than 1 places open and close after 02.00.although today I'  very grateful for the early finish of the night since I will do some mayor poker playing today!But first some episodes of the vampire diares and some cups of coffee.

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