måndag 3 december 2012


It is dangerous to sit down too much and it has been linked to many diseases. Being an online poker player though you have long working sessions where you have to sit down, and if you have any breaks they are no longer than 4 minutes. This has bothered me ever since i started playing, but now I have found a solution! Too bad I didn't think of this sooner. Most poker networks  have synchronized breaks now,  Entraction was one of the few that didn't but now that network is down which means five minutes to every hour I have a 4 minute break completely free from tourneys. Conveniently enough this form of exercise called Tabata is based on high intensity interval training that takes 4 minutes. Guess what I'll be doing 4 minutes an hour :) I'll report back in a while to let you guys know how it's been going and if I've experienced any benefits. You can download a Tabata app for the Iphone or check youtube videos.
This girl has a whole bunch or different 4 minute Tabata exercises, I change routine every hour and get in about 7 sessions a day. I hope that will make up for all the sitting! 

Here you can read more about Tabata:                                                                     

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  1. This is a good cardio fat burning work out vid (she cute aswell!!)


  2. I recommend Tacata:) (singer cute aswell!!)