söndag 30 december 2012


enjoying our flight.
I just decided that I'm able to contemplate our trip in a quick post.Although I surely been in better condition than now but Pauline is catching up with her boyfriend and I can't sleep so why not. We left Sweden yesterday morning,had a sleep over in Frankfurt.We had a 4 star hotel booked for 1 night in Frankfurt,which promised internet and breakfast buffe and airport shuffle..the only thing that was included in the price was the breakfast buffe,that we rather would have paid not to eat..yukkk. I awoke with pain,fever and illness this morning but was determined to fly whatever.Unfortunately we where flying with condor not Lufthansa as we thought we had booked.So to be fair to Easyjet you can compare condor with Ryan air,with the only difference being condor fly long distance flights.
No personal tv screens,everything extra cost and the food included in the price was uneatable.Behind us was a mum with her 2 year old daughter, screaming and pushing at Paulines seat half of the time.We arrived1 hour late and had to stand in line for forever until we finally where free. Outside of the airport I almost collapsed and had to stop myself of throwing up in a garbage can...the only good thing I can think of  about the flight, was that the alcohol did cost extra, meaning that I didn't had a wine that for sure would have been 3 in the end due to the horrible situation.
At the moment I'm incapable of moving out of bed,we ordered sushi that I hope will be here soon cause I'm starving.Hope youre all fine!nighty night

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