tisdag 11 december 2012

Its late night,we just finished a day of grinding and Niclas is watching  TV I am writing this post. I was considering doing some yoga,it almost been a week since last time. But right now I rather watch  bad tv and drink tea,I give my body my humblest apologies and I will be better the upcoming week.
It remains 10 days out of our poker month and I will dedicate my best to it.I was going to post a hand but I'm even to lazy to think in any mathematical deep thinking now,so sorry guys.

After Christmas there will be some really exciting changes to my life. I will move to a new country,I will start a new life and the best of all is that my boyfriend decided to join me. As always in mayor changes there are some conflicted emotions a fine line between devastation and amazement.Right now all I have to say is that I'm very happy with my life and the people I choose to be close to.And I hope that the upcoming months will be as exciting for you all as it will for me!Good night.

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