onsdag 19 december 2012

In some minutes I will start my tourneys until that I have been watching some headsup poker videos.I just read Paulines earlier post and I answer that the day been the kind of day that hits you from all directions,boring,happy,fun and ugly.Mostly boring,due to the weather and the fact that I woke up with a torticollis and the voice of my grandfather screaming in the hallway. Then while I was eating breakfast watching the poker video Pauline decided to turn up the music singing along to Maria Carey and all I want for Christmas...not able to look anywhere but straight ahead due to the enormous pain I plugged in the earpluggs and kept watching my video.After a while the voice of Maria fully took up the video and when the cards started to dance with the song I decided it was time for some air.We went out Christmas shopping and everything I tried on was not fitting.That kind of day.Trying to convince myself that I'm stunning in everything didn't help either. Tried a pair of trousers and felt pretty good until a girl in the locker next to me with a bigger butt tried them on and was more sexy.We went home,and now I'm drinking a cup of coffee before hitting work.

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