måndag 31 december 2012


Its new years eve,and as always we are celebrating it in another country than Sweden.It's been like that for the latest 8 years...we just got tired of Sweden...Rio is the first time for us both and we are having great expectations!Pauline is still getting ready and I'm waiting for her so we can eat the food we prepared and then off to party.It's 30c here and we have the aircon at the highest;)later on we will post a picture when we are ready and dressed,this is me at the moment.New years kisses
Its evening in Rio and I'm about to watch a movie and then go to sleep.Our first day here we spent walking  on the board-walk in Leblon,drinking coffee and eating acai.Tomorrow we will celebrate new years and I think we are going to a party in Copacabana.All my grumpyness disappeared as the sun started to shine and I was able to inhale fresh sea air.Hopefully I will enter a new version here,an upgrade ,Femi ++++:)and the poker,I will play hardcore,it's time for a new start,a new year and it will be great.

söndag 30 december 2012


enjoying our flight.
I just decided that I'm able to contemplate our trip in a quick post.Although I surely been in better condition than now but Pauline is catching up with her boyfriend and I can't sleep so why not. We left Sweden yesterday morning,had a sleep over in Frankfurt.We had a 4 star hotel booked for 1 night in Frankfurt,which promised internet and breakfast buffe and airport shuffle..the only thing that was included in the price was the breakfast buffe,that we rather would have paid not to eat..yukkk. I awoke with pain,fever and illness this morning but was determined to fly whatever.Unfortunately we where flying with condor not Lufthansa as we thought we had booked.So to be fair to Easyjet you can compare condor with Ryan air,with the only difference being condor fly long distance flights.
No personal tv screens,everything extra cost and the food included in the price was uneatable.Behind us was a mum with her 2 year old daughter, screaming and pushing at Paulines seat half of the time.We arrived1 hour late and had to stand in line for forever until we finally where free. Outside of the airport I almost collapsed and had to stop myself of throwing up in a garbage can...the only good thing I can think of  about the flight, was that the alcohol did cost extra, meaning that I didn't had a wine that for sure would have been 3 in the end due to the horrible situation.
At the moment I'm incapable of moving out of bed,we ordered sushi that I hope will be here soon cause I'm starving.Hope youre all fine!nighty night

torsdag 27 december 2012

Just a quick post to brag a little...this Christmas I got so many nice presents,giftcards and things.But this beautiful watch I been drooling over for some time and my boyfriend gave me it:)sweet ha;)?!gotta love this man!

happy endings

A good start to a happy ending,that's how I will sum up this moment. Tomorrow we are off to start our new time in Brazil after a quick stopover in Frankfurt. Life in Sweden have been good,but then again the travelling bug is kicking in.The last few days we all been taking turn having the flu and fever.Today it was mine and mums turn although shes been worse than me. Lets hope I can keep things in and that the flight will be smooth. Christmas was wonderful and to spend the holidays with my man has been better than anything.Now we will spend some more weeks apart until he arrives in Brazil.Fever flu and distance relationships aside,it's a wonderful life...

tisdag 25 december 2012

Merry Christmas dear readers!

We're taking a little break from blogging during Christmas times. We promise to update a lot after the holidays :) xoxo

fredag 21 december 2012

Sleep monster 2

Should I give up after saying "time to get up", pulling all curtains, switching on the lights and then saying "time to get up" again?

today we wnet coffe drinking and Christmas shopping:)
tomorrow this gorgeous man will arrive
Today we been out all day running around in stores and drinking coffee. We are preparing for our next trip that is in less then a week!I been talking about my plans of moving, the tiredness of Sweden and I guess many of you figured out that I will be going with Pauline to Brazil! I will be staying with her and her boyfriend the first weeks and then my boyfriend will join us. Our goal is to find an apartment,a job ( my bf) and start a life there.Me and Pauline will be playing poker as always,I just figured that I would rather do it in a warm place with sun and beach than here in dark Sweden. This last week will be full of things to do and people to meet.Tomorrow my boyfriend is coming to celebrate Christmas and spend the last days with me before I'm off...

onsdag 19 december 2012

In some minutes I will start my tourneys until that I have been watching some headsup poker videos.I just read Paulines earlier post and I answer that the day been the kind of day that hits you from all directions,boring,happy,fun and ugly.Mostly boring,due to the weather and the fact that I woke up with a torticollis and the voice of my grandfather screaming in the hallway. Then while I was eating breakfast watching the poker video Pauline decided to turn up the music singing along to Maria Carey and all I want for Christmas...not able to look anywhere but straight ahead due to the enormous pain I plugged in the earpluggs and kept watching my video.After a while the voice of Maria fully took up the video and when the cards started to dance with the song I decided it was time for some air.We went out Christmas shopping and everything I tried on was not fitting.That kind of day.Trying to convince myself that I'm stunning in everything didn't help either. Tried a pair of trousers and felt pretty good until a girl in the locker next to me with a bigger butt tried them on and was more sexy.We went home,and now I'm drinking a cup of coffee before hitting work.
Got gift cards at some of my favorite stores yesterday so I'm gonna head out and do some shopping! Femi didn't really wake up in the sunshine happy-mood today, we'll see if she want's to join me. Tried to put on some cheery Christmas music earlier, Femi responded with earplugs and "annoyed face" while Niclas went to his room and shut the door. I really miss the happy cuddly mornings with bf.. I also miss the sun! It's dark when we go to bed and dark when we wake up, no wonder there are so many depressed people in Sweden.

Ah well, at least during Christmas the cold and dark is cosy :)

Great evening

It was really nice to see our relatives tonight! We started with a delicious dinner and then we exchanged gifts while eating chocolate and drinking "glögg". We also saw some funny pics from when we were kids (the one on Niclas to the right is my favorite). When we got back we all put on a poker video and now it's time to relax. While being away from bf I'm gonna watch the movies he refuses to watch, tonight it will be "Magic Mike" (a movie where Channing Tatum, Matthew Mcconaughey and Alex Pettyfer play strippers, hehe). Here are some pics from tonight!

tisdag 18 december 2012


This morning I woke up after 13 hours of sleep (!), again a veery rare thing. People who say you can't catch up on lost sleep are wrong. Somehow I look just as tired as I did before I went to bed, not fair. Today me and Femi are gonna go for some gift shopping and later celebrate Christmas at grandpa's :) Just had a big breakfast and now I'm gonna catch up on news, blogs etc. Have a nice day!

Finished my day exactly 10 minutes ago and am now laying in bed gonna watch a movie until I fall a sleep.Speaking of movies,we always watch a really good movie during Christmas eve,it's a kind of family tradition.A huge bucket of chocolate,tea,mandarins,nuts and warm wine (glögg). I will give you my 5 top Christmas movies and then I would like you too give me some advice for this years movie.we are not going to watch love actually for the 10th time;)
1.love actually
2.tomten är far till alla barn (swedish)
3.bridget jones
4.Charlie and the chocolate factory
5.home alone

there u go:)

måndag 17 december 2012

I've missed this!


Well well, look at me waking up all rested at 7 am! That's a very rare thing people. I crashed as soon as I laid down in the couch yesterday. The trip went ok, of course I had to be seated next to a half Italian half Brazilian man who wouldn't stop talking/flirting. I guess that's what you get when you mix the two most persistent and flirtatious countries in one. I didn't really feel relaxed next to him so the amount of sleeping on the long flight was zero. In Germany I had 4 hours between my flights so I went to an Asian restaurant and had some refreshing ginger tea, got served by a really rude Thai transvestite and fell asleep sitting up. Coming back to a christmas decorated warm home with food prepared, two cuddly cats and mom taking care of me felt soo good. Now I'm gonna make some tea, light some candles and prepare a big swedish breakfast! Later i'lll go traveling again, heading up to my dear siblings whom I haven't met in way too long!

Today we played poker me and ma bro,he is absolutely killing the games right now and I get so much inspiration just watching him playing.So right now we don't have time for anything else.My game on the other hand is going slow,so I cross my thumbs and hope that his good game will affect me.Tomorrow we will pick up Pauline at the trainstation and then follows a week with family,poker and Christmas preparing.

lördag 15 december 2012

my day

 My day,I woke up,I ate,I started to play.Incredible uninteresting,so I post some pictures instead.

hey there!I literally been gone all day,woke up 17pm and went for a drive with my brother,ate thai food and got back home.Went for a rest at 22pm and fell a sleep and just woke up.My routines are a mess and since there are no more fun tournaments to play or anything else to do I guess I have to call it a night,and try to get back to sleep.So much of this friday,be back tomorrow...

I save you all from a picture of me right now (4am) in the night;)but I will post another one also taken around 4am but 1.5 years ago One night in hot Milano when I first meet my boyfriend,and with completely other thoughts in my head than poker I can promise;)

nighty night

fredag 14 december 2012

Heading to the gym

And I really don't feel like it.

Good evening! Just finished my last tourney. Sine bf is out having beer with some friends I'm gonna watch a scary movie all by myself. Today I went to the hairdresser and got a keratin treatment, love it! After that I took a long walk back home and got here right before the thunder and rain started. Now I'm gonna eat some dark chocolate cookies and enjoy this cosy movie night :) Boa noite!

torsdag 13 december 2012

As with any other job,if you work hard and are good at it you will earn a lot. Poker is not an exception,but as a poker player you are your own boss. In this blog you been reading about our ups and downs and all the related stuff you are confronted with as a player.It does seem that we want to give up sometimes,but  I don't think I can ever give up poker completely. This year has been testing me to the extreme,for over 6 month I been even out with a slightly profit. That's hard,can you imagine working your ass off without getting paid?Even harder is to deal with your game and figuring out why you are not getting the maximum profit out of your game. This year has been more the exception since 4 sites been bankrupted or shut down that we played on.Starting over on new sites,getting to know new players and new techniques. This week I will deal with the most difficult part of poker for me,the mathematics. Yesterday me and my brother went through some of my hands that I saved and saw leaks. It's easy to get into the auto pilot mood and play as you are used to. The difficult part is to change and adapt a more balanced way of playing.Sometimes I wish I had another talent that gave me loads of money without too much effort of anything.But without a goal you don't get anywhere and that goal is what keeps me motivated. When me and Pauline started playing (on the exact same day) we made a promise that within 5 years open up a business. That's what keeps me motivated,what's keeps you motivated people?

onsdag 12 december 2012


  •  morning time with babe 
  • gym 
  • poker study 
  • kitchen cleaning 
  • work 
  • go through hands
  • make coconut break from scratch
  • pack
  • facial mask 
  • massage
  • evening cuddle 
  • movie 
  • sleep


I been running some errands today,took a fika with one of my beautiful friends and bought some red wine to warm myself with tonite.It's freezing outside,finally a real cold winter!!The other day my brother did this amazing lasagne with salmon instead of groundbeef. To bad for me I don't eat pasta,but a took a bit from it and man it was good.Here is a way you can do it without pasta but just as good;

Mix 4 eggs with fiberhusk (hmm is that the english name, lol?!) and 7-8 table spoons of philadelphia cheese.Whisk the eggs until they are fluffy ,add the Philadelphia and fiberhusk.Whisk and let stand for about 10 minutes.

Spread on a lightly oiled baking sheet.

Bake for about 10 minutes at 150 degrees.And there is the improved pasta;)

Then do a tomato-sauce,garlic,onion (everything you might like and that goes good together. Add the salmon,add some shrimps if you like!Finally the most important,cheese!!!Add as much cheese as you like,it's the secret ingredient:)eat with some fresh salad and drink a good white wine!

This was my outfit today,buckled up with a lot of cloths it's hard to look fancy.Since this may be the end of the world 121212 I guess a hot little dress would have been nice to finish with.But what the hell,fashion is so overrated!have a nice day.beso

tisdag 11 december 2012

Im a bit annoyed,at party poker.Just opened one of thousands mails you get each month from different poker sites (sweet life as a poker player)and just got this;

Our records show that that you have not logged into your account for 180 days.
A € 3.33 administration fee** has been charged to your inactive account. The next charge will be deducted from your account balance on: 06-Jan-2013 ET.
However, this fee will NOT be charged if your account, or any related account, is reactivated on or before 05-Jan-2013 ET.
Reactivating your account is easy: Just log in and place a cash wager, enter a tournament with a cash entry fee, or play a raked hand.

So what kind of poker-site does this?It seems like a really crappy way of getting money from people.I mean how many people do really pay attention to the hundreds of mails and advertising the poker-site sends?Not to mention how many do sign up once to try the site and then quit and never play again?I think this is really bad,luckily for me I did open this mail.But imagine if I haven't?Each month they would then charge me until I start to notice it??And now I have to log in and play at this site?!BAD BAD.Are they having financial problems?this seems like a cheap way to get money from people.miss like indeed.
Just got back from the beach, better enjoy the sun and heat while I can! It's gonna be so nice though to celebrate a cosy, snowy Christmas back home in Sweden. Since our parents are divorced we are gonna have 2 Christmas eves, i.e. two dinners, two opening of gifts etc. One of the things I look forward to the most is having a Christmas dinner at dads restaurant, it's amazing!

Now I'm gonna work, chau!

What Lidköping looks like now!