måndag 19 november 2012

Sweden is a long country,I realize it every time I travel.Since I never got to the point where I felt it necessary with a driver licence,I always travel with bus or train.The trip today took me 5 hours ..5 hours is a long time being alone with all your thoughts.In a way good though,I don't need to bore you with my self-inflicted rants.And it's also quite nice being taken for -20 years,and get a discount"blink"I prefer to travel within Sweden more than in other countries. Swedish people always assume the best of intentions and the traffic is safe and almost always in time.Although travelling in a foreign country has it's peaks too,the handsome guys that usually chat you up.It's fascinating stuff, a swedish guy chatting you up is as possible as me turning into a nun.I don't have a reasoned argument to why,it's just how they are raised.A little bit extra boring and shy,nothing exciting at all.I wont trouble you swedish male readers more but this is the truth as I see it.Maybe the guys will shape up one day and start to evolving forward.It was a time in my teens when I wished that the hot guys would have courage to talk to us girls.
Yes I was very much the typical girl who waits for the guy to make a move,"the rules"eventually you get tired!Latest times when I saw a kickass hot stranger I always found a way to talk to him. With my boyfriend I was the one making the first move. Life is too short for us to be dull,tapping away the days by some desk while dreaming of other things.So next time you see someone you really like,talk to them,maybe it will turn into something incredible.
Just when I'm writing this post there is a older man chatting up an elegant woman at the cafe....haha sweet:D

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