onsdag 21 november 2012

recession and powerwalks

Today I definitely did more than the usual typical morning. My new goal for next year needs to be put to test , I just finished one hell of a huge breakfast after power-walking for an half hour. I will succeed,I think that the power of our minds are so much bigger than we think.As I was walking around this little town I realized that a lot of things changed the past years.I remember as a young kid how Christmas lights and happy people surrounded the streets. Now it's just an empty small town with not much people around. The recession has us in an iron grip.This year has been a hard year for all of us living in Europe,some countries more than others,even though Sweden is one of the lucky ones. The poker has been under a huge "downswing" and I just hope 2013 will be better.I'm not sure I want to dig into this mess deeper but I think many poker players agree with me,the golden years seems far away. But as with all kinds of recessions during the past century's this too will pass and better times will come:)
ready for a powerwalk,sorry all fashion bloggers but this outfit is more the "comfy" kind.

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