torsdag 1 november 2012

late night talk

Well Hello November!I don't know if anyone noticed but me and Pauline made a post record in the blog of October month.Either this means that we didn't have much of a life or that we just love blogging,I go for the later one;)
While having been thorn by many feelings lately it's hard to put myself together and act normal.I'm worried about my health,about moving and about my future. By all means I'm don't know anything about any of the  mentioned yet so I shouldn't be worrying.But it's the lack of not knowing that I hate.I'm trying to create a balance in my life,staying healthy,eating good and working hard.Poker is an unsure future and it affects me daily knowing that suddenly it could be without any future. Is anyone else worried about the elections in US?!Do we know how much it will affect our futures as pokerplayers if Romney gets selected?At least I was hoping for the US market to open up pretty soon,but there's no way in hell that will happen if Romney is president.

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