fredag 23 november 2012

It's poker weeks and since entraction closed down I haven't been too eager to start playing on a new network.But now it's time,as always I was prepared for some problems with the sign up So I just had a 30 minutes long conversation with some incompetent person, biting my tongue not to say bad words as she repeats the same stupid questions.Then finally I'm set,I just need to wait for them to increase my deposit limit. Another stupid comment she made -do you really need that amount?It's much!-ehm 1000euro is not much if you want to build up your bankroll sweetie...dah...enough said. Think happy thought Femi:)
So fingers crossed I have hope for this network! I will sit straight in my chair,zip my coffee and focus,focus focus!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Where you playing now femi? i think your now plying your trade on microgaming


  2. Peep!Yupp I followed your advice:)