lördag 24 november 2012

In pain

I've been having some episodes of stomach aches/cramps lately and today it was so bad I couldn't even focus on playing. I guess the nuts+nut butters and nightshades I've been having lately have messed up my digestive track a little. I'm gonna solve that by only eating soups and stews with a lot of bone broth and easy to digest vegetables until it gets better.  Feeling bad and playing poker is not a superb idea so today i'm taking it very easy, one-tabling and in between that i'm watching poker videos. After this video I'm gonna put the poker aside for today and start watching a new series. I have finished/waiting for new episodes every series I was recommended. The one I'm gonna try tonight is called "Game of Thrones", it doesn't sound like my type of series but i'll give it a try. I was skeptical to "The walking dead" as well and it turned out to be pretty good :)
Tonights dinner

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