onsdag 7 november 2012

I was so eager to take pics of the lunch I did today and forgot to check if the memory card was in the camera.Which you might already know the answer of,so today wont be any pics of my dubble cheese burger but I can guarantee that it was delicious:)
Was a hefty election-night but the right man won for sure,you go O!!!Lets hope he will deal with some poker issues rather sooner than later and let the poor americans play online...

As you been reading I haven't been very upbeat lately,guess it's a combination of everything that is happening.I'm not sure what is more healthy,write things that is only bad or only good..speaking of healthy, right now I just want to write about Obama,Poker,Vampire diares and my boyfriend.(healthy?)So I think I will call it here and see what the topic of tomorrow will be.

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