torsdag 22 november 2012

Hey evrybody out there!

I'm incredible late to start my day,but a matter of fact I been playing 1 tourney and got kicked out and lost my will to play. Since that I been watching house wifes of Beverly hills.I know I know it's one of the worst shows ever created but it's fascinating to see these girls. Pauline wrote she has been having dreams lately,so have I...weird. It seems to me that these Beverly hills wifes got me all messed up cause I keep on dreaming about them...but not happy dreams,rather nightmares to be honest.Well enough said about that. I just brought myself for a powerwalk to the supermarkert where I bought chocolate. I'm hoping that my chocolate bar and my glass of wine will make the poker more appealing since I have a huge urge to see what the next huge fight in Beverly Hills wife is about rather than play.

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