söndag 18 november 2012



So, I spent the week without any poker,pursuing myself to take a week off and try to regain focus and eagerness to play.Dont know if I necessarily needed it that much but I feel more rested and with extra power.Spending quality time with my man was a big argument for my feeling good week too.As Pauline wrote we all need some will and stubbornness to deal with stuff we rather make excuses for.As important is taking a break and moisturise your sole and body.I got good news from the doctor and I'm not sick or suffering from any diseases.I just need to take care of myself and eat on a regular basis like every other person."news flash";)well life as a pokerplayer is by all means not on a regular basis as you know.But I will work hard too make it as "normal" as possible.I will assign myself 1 hour of exercising everyday and 1 hour of cooking before I start grinding.Food and health is important.period.My goal for year 2013 is to gain 5-7 kg...skinny but healthy.wish me luck
ps.(it's not me in all pictures,just inspiration)

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