fredag 2 november 2012


I don't have much power and energy today,and it's Friday that used to be one of my favo days. I woke up,did yoga and went to the supermarket even though I didn't want to go out. It's cold rainy and I hate to be freezing. The worst to come,at the supermarket I realized I forgotten my wallet so I had to go back again.sigh.I just have to face it,it's not my day.
I saw the movie of coco chanel yesterday,it's a good one.  I had a manic period 3 years ago when I forced my ex boyfriend to watch it every week. He always fell asleep in the middle and I was determined that he needed to see it. Although my best efforts he never got too see the whole movie. I remember being surprised one night when he woke up and slurred that he wanted to see coco chanel. I quickly put on the computer and when I finally had it on I realized he had been sleep-talking  and was back sleeping.Luckily I got over it and yesterday was the first time I saw it since that. Back then I even named one of my nicks in poker ccchanel;)And made a promise to myself that when I reach 1 million SEK (100.000k e) I will buy myself a bag. Still I'm without a bag.

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