söndag 4 november 2012

being mean or not

knitted sweater,leggings and grandma socks,the outfit of today
People that are mean sickens me,wanting too cause pain or damage to another person is wrong.However, it's something more common than being nice without any reason.I always avoided people with mean intentions and stayed out of their way. But even though the best efforts you every now and then run into them.It's not that they frighten me,they just bring up a bad taste in my mouth.

Yesterday we went to the cinema and as we where leaving my mum run into an friend accompanied by another friend. I saw directly what kind of person the friend of the friend was. Her eyes intensely eyeing me as she looked at me with discuss. She was an older woman,in her 50+,ugly cloths,wrinkles and bad teeth.I felt sorry for her,you could see the envy she felt at my mum and me. My mums friend introduced my mum and me to her friend.when it was my turn to shake her hand she barely wanted to shake my hand.

 The friend of my mother smiled and told us that she first thought we where friends not mother and daughter. The typical cheesy compliment older people give to eachother.The other friend smile a mean smile then she told us that it wasn't a compliment for me,that I looked older.A comment obvious to patronise and shovel my self-esteem. My mums friend dismissed it and said that it was not what she meant.The situation got a bit strange and they hurried away,my mum and I just gasped at eachother.I didn't take it as an insult,it was chocker too see that even grown-ups can be mean. I'm wise enough to know I don't look like 40+ and my mum don't look like 30-,it's just so stupid how people can act.Instead of bashing hate we should give love and compliments.But it makes me smile a little knowing that when I'm in that age I will look soo muchhotter than her,but I wont say it to her.That's just mean,no?

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