fredag 30 november 2012

The power of positive thinking

When I first got sick I had a terrible stomach ache, I was tired and had 0 energy. After some days the stomach pain was gone but I was still tired, which made me a bit cranky and I didn't feel like doing anything. I thought I was still sick and that my body was tired so would let it rest. The more I stayed at home and rested the more tired I got. The day before my birthday I decided I was gonna feel good again, so I steered my thoughts and imagined myself waking up happy and energized . When I woke up the day after I finally felt well, I was even able to go for a 3 hour walk, dipped my feet in the ocean and got sun light. Now I feel like myself again, it fascinating how our thoughts can impact the way we feel! I'm really gonna try to ignore all negative thoughts that come up and instead think positively. If there are some negative things going on or something annoying, I'm gonna think about how to solve it and what I can do about it instead of just dwelling on it. This is especially important if you are a poker player, playing while you're upset/angry or have negative thoughts will impact your profit, it sure did these past days for me. Now I just ate a whole lot of chocolate and it's time to play some pokah!

Here are some tips I found on this site on how to think positive:

  • Read about this subject, think about its benefits, and persuade yourself to try it. The power of thoughts is a mighty power that is always shaping our life. This shaping is usually done subconsciously, but it is possible to make the process a conscious one. Even if the idea seems strange, give it a try. You have nothing to lose, but only to gain.
  • Ignore what other people might say or think about you, if they discover that you are changing the way you think.
  • Use imagination to visualize only favorable and beneficial situations.
  • Use positive words in your inner dialogues, or when talking with others.
  • Smile a little more, as this helps to think positively.
  • Once a negative thought enters your mind, you have to be aware of it, and endeavor to replace it with a constructive one. The negative thought will try again to enter your mind, and then, you have to replace it again with a positive one. It is as if there are two pictures in front of you, and you have to choose to look at one of them, and disregard the other. Persistence will eventually teach your mind to think positively, and to ignore negative thoughts.
  • In case you feel inner resistance and difficulties when replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, do not give up, but keep looking only at the beneficial, good and happy thoughts in your mind.
  • It doesn't matter what your circumstances are at the present moment. Think positively, expect only favorable results and situations, and circumstances will change accordingly. If you persevere, you will transform the way your mind thinks. It might take some time for the changes to take place, but eventually they will.
  • Another useful techniques is the repetition of affirmations. This technique is similar to creative visualization, and can be used together with it.
I just woke up and will in a minute be off to a cafe to meet up with a friend and eat breakfast!The poker is going better and I'm getting used to the new network,layout and players et.c.

And guess what?It's snowing:)Happy friday everyone have a great weekend:)

Birthday girl

Had a great birthday here in rio! I've been well taken care of by bf. Just got back from a romantic dinner and now its time to get some sleep!

onsdag 28 november 2012


Sorry about the lousy update, I've been pretty sick these past days. I suspect the homemade Raw Beef I ate the other day is the reason but I'm not sure. I've been living on soups and right now I'm having massive cravings for solid food like kebab with garlic sauce, fatty lamb racks with tzatziki, tacos .. you get the picture. And the dark chocolate bf bought the other day to prepare for my pms-week is right next to me and still untouched, very rare..

Anyway, I have decided to get better by tomorrow (and to eat solid food!) since it's gonna be my 21st birthday :) 

self pitty

I just woke up and it feels like I have a massive fog in my head,my stomach hurts and I can't seem to move out of wake me up around Christmas next time,thanks.

tisdag 27 november 2012

We are waiting for the snow,it's cold and rainy and don't feel very "christmasish".

Got  woken up by the doorbell,our granddad came with lemon pie and cinnamon buns for breakfast.A nice and welcome surprise indeed:)Now we just going to play poker and save our prays for a white Christmas.

måndag 26 november 2012

The latest episode of The Walking Dead is out.

todays breakie

Basically I just ate breakfast and saw a poker movie today,in 10 minutes my first tourney starts. Todays breakfast was a feta cheese sandwich with tomatoes(without the sandwich). This is how you do it;
Take one feta cheese and slice tomatoes over it,top it with olive oil and salt.Put it in the oven until it gets a little melted and crispy,200 degrees. Add some salad or whatever you like and eat it hot!I ate it with a spicy sausage and avocado.
I can recommend this fake sandwich,no gluten and quite filling too. Having the feta in the oven first makes it much smoother in taste and the tomatoes are just great with it!

söndag 25 november 2012

I haven't been doing much today,the highlight of the day was having a skype date...since that I just been sending some documents and going through some poker issues. Today's breakfast was egg scramble with bacon and coffee.As I was enjoying the breakfast I gazed through my poker note book that always gives me inspiration.I had it now for 2 years and as soon as I see something or come up with something remarkable I write it down.On the front there is a note with TEAM PRO that I "borrowed" from Chris Moneymaker when we stayed with him in Vegas.He is one of the best poker players I seen and such a good and genuine person. It gives me so much inspiration and I love too see it whenever I make a note.A good balance in my daily ordinary life:)One day I will have it too!

lördag 24 november 2012

In pain

I've been having some episodes of stomach aches/cramps lately and today it was so bad I couldn't even focus on playing. I guess the nuts+nut butters and nightshades I've been having lately have messed up my digestive track a little. I'm gonna solve that by only eating soups and stews with a lot of bone broth and easy to digest vegetables until it gets better.  Feeling bad and playing poker is not a superb idea so today i'm taking it very easy, one-tabling and in between that i'm watching poker videos. After this video I'm gonna put the poker aside for today and start watching a new series. I have finished/waiting for new episodes every series I was recommended. The one I'm gonna try tonight is called "Game of Thrones", it doesn't sound like my type of series but i'll give it a try. I was skeptical to "The walking dead" as well and it turned out to be pretty good :)
Tonights dinner
I played some tourneys on microgaming yesterday and I was happy to see that I like the site.Ofcourse there could be some minor changes as always but in general I think I will be a "reg" there.

I woke up an hour ago and Niclas is still in bed,it's 15.30 and a dark cold Saturday.A vague memory reminds me of this day a year ago where I just came home from a night out in a much warmer place. Seven persons trying to get along in a 3 bedroom house in the middle of Buenos Aires. 7 persons with different personalities that tested each other everyday. I miss those times,living in a collective with these amazing persons. Some of them becoming my closest friends and allies.

fredag 23 november 2012

It's poker weeks and since entraction closed down I haven't been too eager to start playing on a new network.But now it's time,as always I was prepared for some problems with the sign up So I just had a 30 minutes long conversation with some incompetent person, biting my tongue not to say bad words as she repeats the same stupid questions.Then finally I'm set,I just need to wait for them to increase my deposit limit. Another stupid comment she made -do you really need that amount?It's much!-ehm 1000euro is not much if you want to build up your bankroll sweetie...dah...enough said. Think happy thought Femi:)
So fingers crossed I have hope for this network! I will sit straight in my chair,zip my coffee and focus,focus focus!

torsdag 22 november 2012

Today's snack

Crunchy Macadamia nut butter.

Macadamia nuts are low in total PUFA compared to other nuts, with a total of only 1.5 grams per 100 grams and most of their fat being monounsaturated. The amount of total PUFA is low enough that the omega-6/omega-3 ratio is not a concern. They are a good source of thiamine, copper and manganese. Macadamia nuts are also very low in antinutrients like phytic acid. They are healthy even in higher amounts.

Hey evrybody out there!

I'm incredible late to start my day,but a matter of fact I been playing 1 tourney and got kicked out and lost my will to play. Since that I been watching house wifes of Beverly hills.I know I know it's one of the worst shows ever created but it's fascinating to see these girls. Pauline wrote she has been having dreams lately,so have I...weird. It seems to me that these Beverly hills wifes got me all messed up cause I keep on dreaming about them...but not happy dreams,rather nightmares to be honest.Well enough said about that. I just brought myself for a powerwalk to the supermarkert where I bought chocolate. I'm hoping that my chocolate bar and my glass of wine will make the poker more appealing since I have a huge urge to see what the next huge fight in Beverly Hills wife is about rather than play.

Good morning!

Just had a huge breakfast (tuna salad) and a big cup of coffee, now I have plenty of energy for a long poker session. I've been dreaming a lot lately, two weeks ago I was playing chess with Obama (he cheated and said the towers could fly, grabbed the flying tower and knocked down my king) and last week bf was a vampire (good dream). Last night I had a coffee with Femi here in Rio, nothing weird except we went to Swedens oldest cafe. It was cosy to spend some time with sis :) Ok, time to work!

onsdag 21 november 2012

Me on a typical workday


recession and powerwalks

Today I definitely did more than the usual typical morning. My new goal for next year needs to be put to test , I just finished one hell of a huge breakfast after power-walking for an half hour. I will succeed,I think that the power of our minds are so much bigger than we think.As I was walking around this little town I realized that a lot of things changed the past years.I remember as a young kid how Christmas lights and happy people surrounded the streets. Now it's just an empty small town with not much people around. The recession has us in an iron grip.This year has been a hard year for all of us living in Europe,some countries more than others,even though Sweden is one of the lucky ones. The poker has been under a huge "downswing" and I just hope 2013 will be better.I'm not sure I want to dig into this mess deeper but I think many poker players agree with me,the golden years seems far away. But as with all kinds of recessions during the past century's this too will pass and better times will come:)
ready for a powerwalk,sorry all fashion bloggers but this outfit is more the "comfy" kind.

tisdag 20 november 2012


I think going to the gym 4 days in a row was a bit overkill, right now pretty much every muscle in my body hurts and so does walking, standing and sitting. Today I really pushed myself to the limit at the gym, one of the staff even came up to me and offered some water haha. Yesterday I took a day off from poker, me and bf went to the beach and then I just relaxed the rest of the day followed by some series-watching before bed. Today is a study day and now it's time to continue this poker video I'm watching :)
I woke up this morning by a phone call from my doctor, telling me that he want to do more tests of me. He wasn't satisfied with the results from the specialist doctor I visited last week. So this mean another punch backwards... I have to go see some other doctors and this may delay my moving to a warmer country for some time.Anyway there is not much I can do but try to keep the good mood up and focus on poker. Logged on to facebook and saw an inspiring quote from Woody Allen that Daniel Negreanu posted. It made me smile and I want to share it with you all;

“In my next life I want to live my life backwards. You start out dead and get that out of the way. Then you wake up in an old people's home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day. You work for 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party,
drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school. You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born. And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then Voila! You finish off as an orgasm!”
-Woody Allen


sometimes you loose confidence in your game and over value the ability of other players!Then remember this.Time to eat some fishes:)

måndag 19 november 2012

Sweden is a long country,I realize it every time I travel.Since I never got to the point where I felt it necessary with a driver licence,I always travel with bus or train.The trip today took me 5 hours ..5 hours is a long time being alone with all your thoughts.In a way good though,I don't need to bore you with my self-inflicted rants.And it's also quite nice being taken for -20 years,and get a discount"blink"I prefer to travel within Sweden more than in other countries. Swedish people always assume the best of intentions and the traffic is safe and almost always in time.Although travelling in a foreign country has it's peaks too,the handsome guys that usually chat you up.It's fascinating stuff, a swedish guy chatting you up is as possible as me turning into a nun.I don't have a reasoned argument to why,it's just how they are raised.A little bit extra boring and shy,nothing exciting at all.I wont trouble you swedish male readers more but this is the truth as I see it.Maybe the guys will shape up one day and start to evolving forward.It was a time in my teens when I wished that the hot guys would have courage to talk to us girls.
Yes I was very much the typical girl who waits for the guy to make a move,"the rules"eventually you get tired!Latest times when I saw a kickass hot stranger I always found a way to talk to him. With my boyfriend I was the one making the first move. Life is too short for us to be dull,tapping away the days by some desk while dreaming of other things.So next time you see someone you really like,talk to them,maybe it will turn into something incredible.
Just when I'm writing this post there is a older man chatting up an elegant woman at the cafe....haha sweet:D

söndag 18 november 2012



So, I spent the week without any poker,pursuing myself to take a week off and try to regain focus and eagerness to play.Dont know if I necessarily needed it that much but I feel more rested and with extra power.Spending quality time with my man was a big argument for my feeling good week too.As Pauline wrote we all need some will and stubbornness to deal with stuff we rather make excuses for.As important is taking a break and moisturise your sole and body.I got good news from the doctor and I'm not sick or suffering from any diseases.I just need to take care of myself and eat on a regular basis like every other person."news flash";)well life as a pokerplayer is by all means not on a regular basis as you know.But I will work hard too make it as "normal" as possible.I will assign myself 1 hour of exercising everyday and 1 hour of cooking before I start grinding.Food and health is important.period.My goal for year 2013 is to gain 5-7 kg...skinny but healthy.wish me luck
ps.(it's not me in all pictures,just inspiration)

What the rest of my day looked like..

My morning in pictures. Great start :)

fredag 16 november 2012


Just had a huge breakfast and now it's time to start playing. Went to the gym this morning and did 30 minutes of cardio, finally crossed that barrier when it's a pain in the ass to exercise to now being something I actually feel like doing. And any excuse not to move is just silly (unless you have some medical condition etc), who can't set aside 30-40 minutes of their day or at least every other day? That's not lack of time, it's lack of willpower and priority imo.

Breakfast today was lamb sausage with scrambled eggs, asparagus and sun dried tomatoes.