måndag 15 oktober 2012

the though life in holland

my dress before the bike
Hey!The weekend passed by with a blink here in Holland!Friday was devoted to catching up time and drinking wine and eating food:)Saturday we decided to hit a club and drink some drinks and hang out. Me N  and 2 other guys where first so we stood in the bar and had a glass each. The bar scene in Eindhoven is different from Sweden,first of all the alcohol is way cheap.The bars are numerous and the music is more a kind of house,tecno style.The guys do rounds,the by beers and shouts for each other and drink it in a second.Me on the other hand struggled with my first wine glass when they hit their 4th round...my attempt to drink faster than I should turned out bad and I immediately felt sick and had to sit down..avoiding excess of alcohol and sticking to water. More  people entered and suddenly the place was crowded,someone took my chair and everyone was trying to dance...I felt sick,the wine turned in my stomach and after stopping N from his 7th shoot we finally left and biked home. On the way back my dress got stuck in the bike and ripped up a huge part of it...god,what a night.The next day we found out that there had been a big fight with some random guys.One of the random guys lost his bracelet for 900e and now called half of the neighbour hood to get it back.But no bracelet was to be seen...me and N quickly left the house and spent the whole day in town drinking coffee and eating tapas to avoid some unwanted knocking on the door.I guess noon is that pleased with a threat(especially from someone that already killed a guy and did time in prison) so the atmosphere was anything but upbeat among the guys. I guess I have to get used to living with 4 guys now for a while.It's anything but boring :)
we had like 30 different tapas dishes 


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