lördag 13 oktober 2012

My Friday night

It's Friday night and I guess most people have been having "Fredags mys" as we say in Sweden, peoples excuse for shoving down candy and chips that they swallow down with soda/beer. They're either watching some show where people are humiliating themselves or laugh at shows broadcasting people that are either socially awkward, geeky or not so smart search for love, go on party trips etc. People in Sweden find that really funny.

I'm having my own type of Fredags mys, made some ecological coconut ice cream without sugar or sweeteners, watched the Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan and now I'm finishing off with a super interesting talk about our gut flora and how many modern diseases are caused by a damaged gut flora. I recommend you to watch it! It's kind of hefty but you can watch it in sections.

Here's the talk:

So that's my Friday night fun, hope you had a nice night as well :)


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