tisdag 23 oktober 2012

live play and last days

good morning from Holland,although it's 14.00 I'm still in bed. I will just play 4 tourneys today,we are going to N parents to have a dinner later on.Tomorrow I'm going back to Sweden,the days here goes too fast and I have no will at all too leave this place yet.Yesterday we decided to play a freezeout they held at the casino here in Eindhoven. We paid 110 euro each and there was 59 persons participating. It was Niels first time playing live and although my best advices he got nervous when they moved him to my table and was kicked out after 5 hands...me on the other hand just got kicked out on the bubble for the final table..which sucked big times.Also by the same guy that kicked me out last time I played this freezeout in Eindhoven,you can imagine his happy face haha...
The weather here is great and it don't feel a bit like autumn.This is the view from my bedroom window right now:)

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