lördag 13 oktober 2012

Lchf or Paleo?

I guess the biggest difference between a Lchf and Paleo diet is the fact that dairy is accepted in Lchf. I'm eating a mix of the two, I avoid dairy but still I eat much more fat than probably both diets and I keep it low carb. There are a couple of things i don't agree with in both of the diets so I have come up with a diet that suits me. I try to eat seasonally, I'm from Scandinavia and I have this idea that for me to get the optimal gene expression I should eat like my Scandinavian ancestors. 3 months a year it's okay to eat berries and Swedish fruit: apples, pears, peaches etc. I don't think fructose is good so it's not like I make it a main staple in my diet but during summer time, it's okay to eat it once in a while. During fall it's okay to eat some starchy tubers, again i don't think high carb food is good but its okay during that period. Even more important is to incorporate fermented foods during this period and the winter. Some intermittent fasting is okay now and then. Eating this way you get a wide range of nutrition and you avoid plateaus and trigger the right hormones at the right times. Of course you might pack on some kilos during the time you eat more fruit/berries and or starchy tubers, but that's natural. I have found that if i go very low carb, and then feast on healthy carbs, I gain some water weight but then after a couple of days i loose even more than I had before. I think that's a sign we should tweak our metabolism like that for optimal health. Sure I eat coconut products and drink coffee which my ancestors probably not did but I think it's important not be too strict. if something is healthy it's okay to add it to your diet.

The same goes for seasonal moving, during the summer we are meant to be out in the sun and move a lot, so that adds up for eating more carbs. In the winter we're inside much more but we also eat less carbs and put emphasis on high fat.

This is what I think is the best diet, I don't think it's a one size fits all type of thing. We all have to start with the basis of eating whole foods, avoid grains, sugars, legumes, trans-fats and all processed foods and then tweak your diet for your personal abilities and preferences.


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