onsdag 10 oktober 2012

Home sweet home

This is for sure the hottest pic of me and Femi out there.
Not much happening here except some chaos and travel preparation. We are all more or less sick, moms husband ate an old egg and has been throwing up all night, Femi keeps getting thinner while eating like a horse, mom has some gut issues, the cats are running around and chasing each other followed by some humping and love makin' (they are siblings), internet is terrible and I'm pmsing big time!

Just a normal day in the Lidén house.

When I'm done with these last tables me and Femi are gonna drink tea and watch The dictator and enjoy the last time together before both of us are heading to our boyfriends. After that we're not gonna see each other until Christmas! That's the longest period apart since high school..

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