fredag 12 oktober 2012

holland update

It sounds like there's a big storm a brewing today,but it might just be some air planes circling around.Holland is not as grey as Sweden but not really bright either..Niels is working and I am playing 2 tournaments and drinking green tea.took a sleep in and slept until 12 today,feeling quite rested.Don't have much planned today more than catchup time with N:) He is off from work the whole weekend.

The flight yesterday went smooth except 6 persons that just decided last minute not to fly. Was standing in line when I saw a huge guy with sweat running down his back.He was waving fanatically with a paper and looking terrible frightened. Suddenly he started to walk funny and in a second he almost fell. I overheard a guy teasing him with crashing flights and  engine problems and the man went total pale.Opened his bag from the shops and started to drink straight out from a bottle of vodka...after a while they escorted him out from the line, think that the other guys refused to fly if he didn't so in the end noon of them boarded.After searching through the plane after their bags they finally got located and we took off a half hour later.So I missed the train and my phone died and my computer died...but in the end we managed to find each other on the track in Eindhoven 30 minutes later than expected.But now I'm finally here with my man that I haven't seen since august:)

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