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Health benefits of ginger

It makes the blood less gluey and helps to prevent the hardening oh the arteries.

Ginger can be used as a medicines if you are feeling cold and results in fever. Just add small amount of crushed ginger or ginger juice in hot water if you want to add green leaves it is up to you, strain it and then drink, you will see the difference, and it can also be used when you feel that you will catch the cold.

Digestive disorder:
Ginger is famous for digestion .many people use ginger in every meal because it helps in the digestion process, it also decrease burning of chest and very good if you are feeling vomiting .mix teaspoon of ginger juice with fresh lime juice and add little bit of honey to add more taste. It will help a lot .especially if eat a lot.

Ginger can be very helpful if you are suffering from cough and bad throat, use ginger juice mixed with honey and drink three to four times daily it will give you throat comfort and helps to cure it.

After recovering from fever you normally feel very tired and feel pain in muscles for this purpose ginger is very good option to eat. for this purpose cut a small piece of ginger or crush it into small pieces and boil it with a glass of water then add a cinnamon and bring it to boil, when it turns golden after covering it for about half an hour then drink it to relieve tiredness.

To release the wind that is trapped in the intestine you can use ginger ,just add fresh ginger boil with a cup of water and add some honey and drink two times in a day.

Ginger has the anti burning and anti oxidant properties and these properties help to cure various body problems like painful burning of a big toe and foot called gout caused by defects in uric acid metabolism and also several joint diseases. Ginger is very powerful in relieving of this kind of pain and also decreases swelling.

Menstruation Disorders:
Ginger is very helpful in curing the basic problem of women, prepare the mixture of ginger juice boiled with a glass of water and after boiling add honey in it, drink it two times a day for a month .this will help to relive the pain which happens during the periods and also help to reduce the blood clots happened during the process.

Morning sickness:
Ginger can relive tiredness, laziness motions these are called the morning sickness, a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice with some honey will be enough to cure these problems.

Pain killer:
We can use ginger juice as a pain killer even it can be used externally. If you are suffering from headache apply ginger juice on your forehead and if you have pain in your teeth apply the ginger juice on your cheeks or in the jaw area.

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