söndag 9 september 2012


I just finished my last tournament and felt a little writers urge.Pauline went to bed early so I'm sipping some tea and listening to Lana de rey (thanks peep for the advice)!
see the thing is,my head is filled up with too much things right now.I hardly can concentrate on just poker,all my thoughts,plans and the unknown future makes me crazy!Like when people are talking and your eyes are pretending to listening but your head is somewhere else...I've still about 10 000 things to do but seem to be stuck!And I can't sleep,I can't focus enough to watch a movie or write one simple mail:(In 3 days we will head to EMOP barcelona, we will meet up with our brother that also will play the tournament!sweet reunion,we miss him even though he can be really annoying some times;)well time to finish this endless babble!good night

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