tisdag 25 september 2012

high blood pressure

More and more I hear about people having high blood pressure and are taking all these medicines as a "cure". I'm getting worried,people should know about the terrible effects of the food we put into our bodies and how they could prevent eating medicine for the rest of their life. So I wrote a short introduction to why we get high blood pressure and how we can avoid it.

High carb foods cause your insulin levels to rise and with high insulin levels your blood pressure will increase. Fruits and other high-carb food rises your blood sugar and eventually causes insulin receptors too grow resistant to insulin. This means in short description that your body will retain fluids which in turn causes high blood pressure, and can lead to congestive heart failure..

In a healthy body insulin stores magnesium, but a lifestyle of high carb eating causes damaged cell receptors and magnesium can't get into the cells,which causes a deficiency in magnesium.Lack of magnesium will make your blood vessels constrict and raise your blood pressure.Other signs of magnesium deficiency  you can notice is lack of energy,headache,migraine and restless leg.Early signs of a body that is getting sick is also depression, inflammation, learning disabilities..

tip; eat fish,nuts,vegetables or even magnesium supplements.

Eating a lot of fruit and high carb food will eventually damage your body.Fructose is high in uric acid, which increases blood pressure and causes gout.Fructose increases lactic acid in the blood,high levels cause metabolic acidosis.Other bad effects fructose does to us ;increases ageing(changes the collages of our skin making it prone to wrinkles) High consumption of fructose leads to mineral losses: iron, calcium magnesium and zinc, which can lead to low bone density (osteoporosis) bone loss, anaemia, defects of the arteries, infertility, high cholesterol levels, heart attacks and inability to control blood sugar.

Do you ever get really full if you eat fruit?no,didn't think so. The reason is that fructose has no effect on our hunger hormone leptin. (Leptin is the hormone that controls when and how much we eat)You can actually become leptin resistant,can you imagine being that with a high carb and sugar diet?Terrible!
high blood pressure and uncontrolled blood sugar go hand in hand and is a lot more harmful than people ever can imagine.

So if you have high blood pressure,diabetes or are overweight,stay away from highcarb food and frutcose! Keep in mind that even if you are healthy a diet consisting of this kind of food eventually can make you sick.A fruit every now and then is not harmful for a normal healthy person but don't overeat it!

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