tisdag 25 september 2012

hello hey

September is coming to an end and as I watch the hours of sun decreasing I try to look forward to October. Let's hope October will have a banging start and a mother ass poker upswing! Yesterday at 23 pm I had 4 tables left, at 23.30 I had none.  (exactly like the 3 past evenings)sucking up my nerves and try not to hit my head in the desk while seeing bad beat after bad beat getting me kicked out. Poker, poker I love you I hate you...a terrible end of a great month.Can it be that all my logical vanishes after 23 pm and I end up making terrible wrong decisions?Like when you drink alcohol and  a person gets more and more good looking after each zip and you don't even want to remember what happened the day after?!god no,lets hope this is a small down swing...
so obviously I'm now going to give it another try,persistence!Looking forward to be brilliant the next upcoming weeks!

ps.I was trying to be nice to Pauline this morning,doing a huge cup of tea,breakfast at the bed.But was kicked out even before entering by a big noooooo I feel sick...so I will mind my own business and let the poor creature sleep.have a nice day

speaking of the affects of alcohol and poker,this is how I can look with too much of both:D

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