fredag 31 augusti 2012


2 years ago,one of few pictures of me with glasses
There is not much happening but poker:)the usual pattern follows my daily routine,wake up-yoga-eat-study poker-playing poker and then sleep.Exciting?no,but good for my economy that is back on the amount I had when I was a struggling student.However,having been away for vacation gave me a huge urge to play,and that's exactly what I need!opposite to many people that hate coming back from a vacation to work, I in fact been dying to play..haha I guess it's like this for many players,we are in a way addicted;)I don't mind being called a nerd or whatever,Im proud and I'm outstanding in what I do!have a nice day!kiss

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  1. Once I folded Pocket Queens preflop! Bet you NEVER done that! heheheh