fredag 31 augusti 2012


2 years ago,one of few pictures of me with glasses
There is not much happening but poker:)the usual pattern follows my daily routine,wake up-yoga-eat-study poker-playing poker and then sleep.Exciting?no,but good for my economy that is back on the amount I had when I was a struggling student.However,having been away for vacation gave me a huge urge to play,and that's exactly what I need!opposite to many people that hate coming back from a vacation to work, I in fact been dying to play..haha I guess it's like this for many players,we are in a way addicted;)I don't mind being called a nerd or whatever,Im proud and I'm outstanding in what I do!have a nice day!kiss

torsdag 30 augusti 2012


As a poker player,you usually work late and have turned the daily rhythm completely upside down.You fall asleep late in the night or early in the morning and wake up just to find that you missed out on a whole day.For me it's one of the biggest problems,I love staying up in the night but I want to enjoy the daily life aswell. It's almost impossible to drag myself up in the morning,I can snooze for hours.So I did set up some new rules and routines.Now I'm waking up everyday around 9-10am,which is a difference in 3-4 hours.

This is what I did,and what you should do if you have the same problem.
1.after a 00(or whenever you want),put your computer in the energy saving mode light.This makes your eyes not working so hard and your brain is starting to get into the "evening" adaptation.You will start to get more tired and your body will slowly adapt to relaxation.Here is a link and a free download to the f.lux which is really to recommend;
2.allow yourself to watch 1 episode of series or 1 movie if you are used to doing that after a working session.Remember just 1,even if you are not tired afterwards you should turn off the computer and try to sleep.
3.If you don't watch any series or movies after a working session,read a book.For sure you will get tired much sooner.
1.when hearing your alarm don't press snooze. Count down from 5 in your head,when you hear nr 1 you get up,no matter what.
2.If you have too snooze,allow yourself to do it 1 time,then give yourself a certain time that you need to be up.
3.I always start my day with yoga,a cup of tea and some music.If you have any "special" things you like to do put them in a time frame. Set up a rule that before or inbetween this time I need to have accomplish this.

So,that was the tip of the day:Pgood luck with sleeping and waking up.I'm about to start watching some poker videos before my working day starts.

tisdag 28 augusti 2012

sweet sweden

surely you understand that it's a chock coming from 36 to 10 degrees in one day..then add delays,extra buses,cancellations + a car with over 10 tickets and a personal letter from the police to remove it immediately.Spice it up with a dead battery,no cables and me in flip flop without eating for 12 hours. 2 good friends that helped me and I managed to get through,but man what I would love just to be back on the beach with a glass of wine in my hand.But now it's time for sleep,tomorrow starts my 1st working day in 3 weeks:)

bye bye greece

in 30 minutes I'm going to check out from my hotel, eating breakfast and trying to stream some movies to watch during the flight now.Yesterday was my first night out alone in Rhodes,I went shopping and ate in 2 different restaurants.It was nice being in my own company although I would much rather be with my bf!But  people tend to treat you extra nice when you are alone,I got free wine in one place and free desert in the other;)But time to go,the vacation is finished!

söndag 26 augusti 2012

I just kissed my boyfriend goodbye and am now waiting for the next tournament to start within 10 minutes.He will be flying to Holland this evening and I will be staying 2 more days here in Greece.Was going for a stroll around town but unfortunately everything closes early on Sundays so instead I will be spending time with my precious computer.In 3 weeks it's time for EMOP Barcelona!But for now,here are some pics of our time in Greece!

fredag 24 augusti 2012

On tuesday I will be heading back to sweden and the vacation is finish...sad but true:/greece is beautiful but I wont be going back to Rhodes that is full of swedish people that likes to party.We are spending most of our days sunbathing and eating good food like an old couple;)I wish we could spend more time together but N will be heading to Holland on sunday already.

hope you all had a nice summer,I hope sweden is still warm when I get back!

måndag 20 augusti 2012

söndag 19 augusti 2012

poker in athens

me and bf finished our vacation in sweden with a weekend in stockholm filled with shopping, great food, nice weather and good company. after stockholm we went to greece and now we're enjoying or last night here in athens before heading to santorini. so far we've been to the beach, walked around in the city and daily enjoyed the amazing food greece has to offer.

my boyfriend is half greek and his family have an apartment here in athens so tonight im having the first poker night in a loong time (dont trust hotel WiFi's). since we have a kitchen i have have agreed to cook a greek meal for us after the poker (ok bf is gonna buy cooked meat in a restaurant nearby while i make the salad).



Im sitting on the balcony watching the sunset, playing some poker on stars.The connection is not the best so I only have 1 table up.Tonight we are going to the harbour,which has 3 restaurants and a mini market.I will eat mousaka and fried feta cheese and drink greek wine.Life is not that bad.Here is a very bad picture,but a little hint of how Im doing.

lördag 18 augusti 2012


good food,wines,massages,sun and a beautiful surrounding.I love greece!The weather is great and the food is cheap.Yesterday we rented a vespa and went on sightseeing around the island.On tuesday we are heading back to Rhodes which is much bigger but for now I will enjoy 3 more days on this tiny island.

torsdag 16 augusti 2012


after five days without any internet or other connection to the world finally we got some cyber space. At the moment we are in a greek island called leros somewhere between turkey and greece, we will stay here until tuesday when we will take the ferry to Rhodes.It's unbelievable wonderful to have vacation and to enjoy it with one of the persons I love most.hope you are all fine!kisses and hugs.we are soon off to eat a huge meal and drink a lot of wine:)

söndag 12 augusti 2012


sorry for not posting, we are enjoying our vacation and try to spend as little time by the computer as possible. what me and my man have done so far is:

meeting my mother and all relatives on her side
eating at some nice restaurants in malmö
had a wonderful day and evening in gothenburg that we finished off with an amazing dinner at a guide michelin restaurant
had another great 5 course dinner at our dads restaurant and finished the evening with some drinking at dads place

now we're staying at niclas apartment in our old hometown and yesterday i met up with some old friends i havent seen in a very long time, we had a dinner and then we went clubbing, had a great time! today we've been to a fishing village nearby and then we went to the lake and relaxed in the sun.

tonight we are gonna have a crayfish dinner and just relax..

here's all the pics i've taken so far!

torsdag 9 augusti 2012


HEY!sorry for our lack of interest in the blog lately! We are having a vacation with our guys and have been busy exploring Malmö,(with shit ass bad weather)!Today we are going back to Lidköping where our brother lives,we gonna stay in his apartment for 3 nights.Right now we are having a coffee while waiting for the bus!On sunday Greece is waiting for us,can't wait!

fredag 3 augusti 2012

time for vacation

Pauline is on a flight to Europe.I'm sitting here with my computer,the last day before vacation.I just came back from a day at the beach with my mum,we ate dinner by the sea,drank coffe in the sun and now I will be spending the following hours on poker.I will try to write a longer post later,there are many things in my head right now.AND poker,this poker....balance your range,bluffing,no bluffing,value,+ev,flop bets...gah..I need a break

onsdag 1 augusti 2012

productive day

good morning!this is how I woke up today!pretty nice not sleeping alone but I can't wait for my bf to replace the cat;)Today I been doing yoga,power walking,drinking coffee in the sun,grocery shopping, watching 2 poker movies and doing lunch!PRODUCTIVE! now I'm playing my first tables!see ya