lördag 7 juli 2012


yesterday we were both kinda busy, i did some shopping (only important stuff tho, sim-card, bikini etc.) and femi met up with her boyfriend and is waay too busy catching up with him to blog right now. after the shopping i played poker and had a good day. after work i skyped with my bf and we decided that im gonna head over to brazil in two weeks. yeah i know, he is gonna come in one month anyway but i dont feel like waiting that long and im gonna play bsop in sao paulo! after the two weeks in rio we are both heading to europe and then we'll do some traveling over here.

today i had a tough yoga workout in the morning and a hour long power walk. when i got back our grandparents and mom came to visit (such a coincidence the came when niels happened to be here :P). it was really nice to spend some time with grandpa and grandma, a while ago i managed to convince them to start the paleo diet. they both feel great and have lost weight, im really happy for them! our grandpa is really funny, the only thing he said to niels was "you're approved" (in swedish) right before he left. now just finished reading a paleo book and its time for poker!
grandpa :)

have a nice day!

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