måndag 16 juli 2012

perfect timing for brazil

now its only two days left until im heading to brazil! its gonna be nice to spend some time with my man, eat good food and get some d-vitamin. what the hell happened to the swedish summer?! i hope the sun is gonna show up when im back in august. i can feel how the weather is affecting me and i realize why i've been travelling since i  finished high school. a grey sky all the time (and throw in some rain) is the perfect recipe for making me grumpy and feel down (hence the lack of inspiration to blog). i even lost the will to play poker, whenever that happens its an alarm bell to take some time off. now me and femi just had a fight, her pms and my grumpy mood along with a poker issue was not a match made in heaven. we both left the usual working room and are now laying in our own bedrooms refusing to speak to each other.

after this morning i cant wait to go to brazil!

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